Humans would hate to be just like bunnies when banging
They are induced ovulators, which means that intercourse stimulates ovulation. After 40 seconds of magic, the egg is emitted for fertilization.

So unless already pregnant, nearly every sex act means a kid


@1 Thank Jesus for birth control and abortion. Also sodomy. Glory!


So how did dad KNOOOOOW what the spanking bench was, to be upset over it, exactly?


Katia @3, he probably assumed it was for fucking (hence the "whore" comment). Maybe he's seen it in porn. But really, you don't have to be in any way kinky to take one look at a padded leather spanking bench and know that it's something you're meant to kneel on with your bum in the air. Discreet furniture it is not.


Also very convenient for rimming, by the way.

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