Politics correctness isn’t a partisan concept. Flag burning amendments. Supporting the troops. Fear of anything remotely related to socialism. The so-called “War on Christmas.” These are all PC litmus tests on the right and you must hold the correct opinion. Book banning. Movie protests. Album burning parties. Outrage mobs. These are all popular and thoroughly approved rightwing activities to this day.

The fringe left in America was way late to this game.


"Latinxs" is that rare word that manages to butcher the grammar of two languages simultaneously.


"Latinos (or Latinxs if you're PC)"

So you know the less offensive word but for some reason decide to just use the other one? Classic Herzog.


Context may not be everything when talking about political correctness, but it is a fuck load of it and way too often we forget that. My 86 year old mother who loves her gay son, me, frequently says to me, "aging ain't for sissies" I have never called her on it, in fact it makes me chortle. Fact is if I did call her on it she would be mortified and fall all over herself apologizing and I'd feel horrible.


@3 I agree, "Latinxs" should never have been mentioned at all. It's absolutely dripping with American colonialist paternalism: "Here, let me tell you all the ways your language is offensive, and what you have to change to appease me!"


"Book banning. Movie protests. Album burning parties. Outrage mobs. These are all popular and thoroughly approved rightwing activities to this day."

You're correct. But now the left is doing it.

Anyone remember Kelly O and the blackface scandal of 2012?


When this wave really began to crest I just told myself I’m not a politician, went on with life, and no one was harmed.

Now, here we are and everyone is a self-diagnosed lord, lady, or supreme monarch this that and the other.

No one has a single fucking clue what a lah-tinks is.

1, the first thing that comes to mind regarding flag burning is mobs of Iranians stomping a burning American flag.

Seems a find amendment to the right to freedom of assembly to me.

I did stand outside on a windy night recently, trying to figure out why a flag was displayed vertically.

Turns out it was just stuck and I needn’t be distressed.


"Latin." It's right there.


People really love saying the N-word.


I didn't read your article Katie, so I have no idea if it was well written, or if your arguments were reasoned and fair. The reason I didn't read it is because just seeing the title put my brains into almost a coma-like boredom. Not because political correctness isn't a thing in our society, or that there aren't people who do go overboard with it, while others use this excuse to be as racist as they can. Nope, the reason I wouldn't have been able to wake my brains up enough to finish reading most of what you write, is that to your writing! You have a premise, and you look for ways to fit our world in to your hypothesis, and this is all you do! All your articles I've read are the same. It's like you use a formula, and just change the names and places, kinda like those romances people read in the summer while sleeping on the deck! Do you believe this is what a journalist does?

Hey guys, do you know if Paul and Goldy are writing some place else?


"People really love saying the N-word."

Maybe you should stop listening to rap music then?


The meaning of "political correctness" has been so hijacked by the right wing that redefining it is a lost battle, but here goes anyway. "Political correctness" does not mean "liberal". It means not saying things that would get politicians upset with you. In our country, at the moment, denying climate change is the height of political correctness. Pretending there is a deep state is politically correct. Slamming the "lamestream media" is politically correct. Political correctness shifts as the dominant politics shifts.


The phrase originated in the Soviet Union, when being "politically correct" was often a matter of life and death. Back when the right wing was still anti-Soviet, they introduced the phrase here as yet another way to tie liberals to communism and demean efforts to make language more inclusive.



Interesting take, though worth noting that Dems are actually pretty well established as the majority presence in the country. Granted, we're a subjugated majority, thanks to gerrymandering and arbitrary political constructs, but I'd imagine that's why typical PC topics are those spelled out by katie.


If you're on fartbook, search for Goldy's "estranger" page, where he regularly links to posts from himself, Paul and a boatload of other former staffers. Some worthwhile reads.


“Political correctness is the elevation of moral posturing about sensitivity and feelings over truth.”

Jordan B. Peterson


The actual term, "polically correct," began in academia, as a way of discussing people and ideas without invoking their racist backgrounds. Like all arguments from academia, it didn't translate well into mainstream America, and has been misused so much that the original arguments for it are pointless. The only valuable discussions are how it was used/interpreted once it made it into common parlance. (Ideas and interpretations that are thoughtfully explored ITT.)

It is very typical, where the discussions and theories that occur in Academia are of value only in Academia. Once they make their way into world outside, because they are so self-referential and exist only to strengthen the navel-gazing, they have to be molded into something completely new to make sense. Once you understand this, people like Jordan Peterson or Bret Weinstein can be seen in a far more accurate light.


Be excellent to each other. Treat others with respect while within the public sphere. Doesn't seem so hard.


@20 Exactly.

And if a "woman" has testicles, just play along.



Yeah, why not?


@22 Exactly. Shits and giggles.

Of course, legislate this nonsense and insist we say “women” have testicles and you can get lost.


"Gender is not binary...

oh make sure the word 'men' or 'man' is removed from all words and also the romantic masculine suffix from any publication and/or private thought"


Glad to see the TERFs and the incels have found a common interest here. It will be really convenient for you to all go fuck yourselves.


White people don't want to consider the feelings of other people. It's such a hassle!



Christina, you truly need some psychiatric help.


@27 Xina, you're a white person


True PC Is just being polite. If someone wants to be referred to as as something I normally wouldn’t refer to them as, it’s no skin off my nose. Sometimes my inner eye roll goes into overdrive, but that’s it.


As always, the lovely Madame Vel-DuRay has it precisely right. Merry Christmas, you crazy Sloggers!


Well shit, Elizabeth Warren was a cute little girl.
What happened?


Herzog, the real crime here is your terrible writing. You're the Bill Maher of lesbians.

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