I also discovered Reason in 2018 and I'm also hooked. I'm convinced that libertarians should be voting for Democrats (as they're the only party trying to implement even a tiny fraction of their priorities), but I'm hooked. Everyone should check out Nick Gillespie's defense of post-modernism.


@1 What Democratic policies would any libertarian like?


Having lived and worked in Japan, I have often used "Tampopo" as a lighthearted way to explain to non-Japanese people what living in Japan is actually like - where there is a right, and not-quite-as-right way to do literally everything, and where people spend an insane amount of time looking for a teacher of the most impeccable credentials to teach them literally everything. Even how to cook and enjoy simple ramen noodles.



Deregulation of drugs comes to mind. I think there are others, though probably relatively few.

I've always thought if we had civilization to do over, completely from scratch, their platform would probably be worth a shot. It's mostly the existing and horrific built in systemic inequality and centuries of subjugation, exploitation and oppression of women and minorities that make it so untenable from a modern perspective.


You guys are great, so sharing. Loved the list. Nat - after Grosse Point, be sure to dive into the Cusack/ Hornsby perfection that is - High Fidelity. And Tampopo, Jas, for sure. Have you done Big Night yet? Maybe the two greatest food movies...


I have to say this makes me more sympathetic to Katie Herzog's breathless schtick, if I think of her as me at seventeen discovering libertarianism! and false memories! and the folly of prohibiting entheogenic drugs! Have fun with Robert Anton Wilson, best wishes, see you in five years.

Man I haven't seen Tampopo since probably before our commentator was born. So good.


"they also actually do give a fuck about civil liberties"

Like defending the rights of business to have black folks sit at different lunch counters?


I give Katie two months before she starts strutting around believing she's the next John Galt and quoting Penn Jillette constantly.


There is nothing more fucking hilarious than watching people make fun of libertarian politics, while simultaneously howling for the benefits of things libertarian politics have been in favor of forever (gay marriage, legalized marijuana, criminal justice reform, ad infinitum).

If any of you were smart enough to grasp the politics you think you're opposing, you'd probably drop dead of shock from the libertarianism of convenience you've benefitted from.

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