"Believe Women. period."-
Carolyn Bryant


Yes, Louis CK definitely belongs in the sexual assault category.


haha another "had to be herzog" but glad it's getting some press, even if cautiously framed. The religion aspect to many of the shibboleths of the new left can't be missed, especially with the "i'm not a heretic" denouncements that often come in the wake of people taking a contrarian position. whether the die-hards denounce or not, and whether people publicly attach their names to agreeing with the likes of the meneither people, there is a growing, silent population of people who are getting tired of the finger pointing psuedo-marxism of the resentful joiner SJW pilers-on. We see the flaws in the SJW arguments, and trust me that it's more than we let on. this shit is fucking toxic, even if it originated from a place of righteousness.


Absent am explicit suicide note, I don't think people should be discussing what factors went into committing suicide. We don't, and can't ever know. Just a pet peeve of mine.


oh no, people with opinions that don't line up with the religious ideology of the far-left, I don't get how this is even a story.


Agree Sportlandia. Anthony was a man in his sixties who had had a lifetime of depression. It’s evil to try and blame Asia for his suicide.
Hope this business goes belly up, and soon. What nasty women to discount other women’s experiences of abuse and rape.


Oh, this comments section is already proving to be entertaining. I can't wait to see how much worse it gets.


Blip - c'mon, you know better. Let's return to the Halcyon days to the "jackie" and the UVA rape story. To refresh you: It was claimed that a certain fraternity was organizing ritual, surprise gang rapes of unwilling girls, by assailants known to them. It had a name, indicating that it was a regular occurrence. For some reason, despite being on it's face faker than a $3 bill, when someone questioned the authenticity, the lovely center of modern left feminism Jezebel wrote "Is UVA rape story a hoax, asks idiot?"

The message is clear. It's not about truth, it's about deference. The truth should be whatever (these) women need to it be to advance their agenda. I don't know about you, but to I consider Jezebel and Merlan to be the definitional voice of mainstream modern politlcal feminism - and they've fully and enthusiastically adopted a #MeFirst, post-truth stance.

The argument comes down to that 1) women are not full members of society and face significant and needless obstacles and face (Sportlandia agrees!) but that 2) restitution should come in the form of simply inverting the power hierarchy and placing women on top - regardless of the costs.

Was it Jesus who said "The first shall be last and the last shall be first, so it is in the Kingdom of Heaven"?


And people wonder why I am so happily asexual.....


@14; you don’t get it do you? These women felt intimidated by such a well known comedian, as if it was truly consent. The guy is done and dusted, his fans now will only be other sexist creeps like him.
Sad little man and his sad little dick, and him rubbing it; that’s all one sees now.


Please Sportlandia, seeing you’re such an authority on feminism: who do we read, who do we turn to? What would you know about who authorities on Feminism are or even if there are any. It’s not a male driven movement, we have no authorities. Seriously.


Yes women can be toxic too, look at these two Katie has written about. Right royal toxic bitches.


"As for what Coddou would like to see happen next, she says if Ristretto takes a financial hit—or even if they go out of business—that’s not her concern anymore. “If it happens, it would just be a result of their actions,” she says, “and at the least the people who support them will know the truth.” "
Notice the passive voice -- if a boycott of their business happens, too bad -- as if the speaker were not also the person trying to organize the boycott. If my former co-workers all lose their jobs, that's just a thing that happened! Not a thing I instigated and actively campaigned for.

It would be interesting to read more about how these Portland business purges work. Of course digging into it would expose the Mercury to the same sort of tactics, so it may have to be another news organization that reports on it.


@14 The women who said, "No!" he didn't masturbate in front of, really? Half of victims never report so I guess we'll never know if he never cranked it in front of a woman that said no. Is it common for people to ask if they can jerk off in the workplace now? I was under the impression that merely asking a coworker if she would like to supervise me rub one out was the definition of sexual harassment and grounds for termination but what do I know.

Is there a lot of money in defending creeps? I just assume there is or you are dumb for free.


Me Neither was a great Brad Paisley song.


Whatever @22, these women for whatever reason felt he violated them even with his half arse asking. They felt violated. Now he’s doubling down on it all by mocking kids who watched their friends murdered.
I was a fan before all his seedy behaviour got known. And he’s not some college kid. Go watch him if you like, he’s pushing to book clubs, he thinks his time is up; lots don’t.
Who does that with someone they are not in s sexual relationship with? Who wants to watch some random dude jack off.
He’s a creep, an arrogant loser and nothing he does will ever erase the knowledge of how he behaved.


@24; It’s not up to you to decide it wasn’t assault, it didn’t happen to you. The women it happened to say it was sexual assault, and their responses are the ones which matter.
Confide his kink, in co workers? Again that’s illegal as @20 has said. The wanker is lucky he hasn’t been charged and is in jail.


He’s not in the same league as Weinstein and Spacey, give you that. He didn’t touch bodies, just thought they were interested in watching him touch his. Hence he believes after a yr he can return to clubs; so go see him, go laugh. Go see the homophobe while you’re at it, ol’ KevHart.


Well it looks like we found Joey Gibson's new favorite coffee shop in Portland.


@13 but there's no utility in setting aside healthy skepticism because the person who is talking has a vagina. We're being asked to bypass red flags. No. I assume you're male like I am - do you feel you could make a criminal claim against someone and not be expected to present any evidence, or be asked any questions? These advocates aren't asking for equity (well - they're asking for equity compared to their imaginary vision of a maleness, in which we retire to the back room to smoke cigars and write The Protocols of the Elders of Valhalla - again, no), they're asking to invert to hierarchy while claiming to be interested in destroying the hierarchy.

Anyone interested in destroying the hierarchy would not spend so much time worrying about who were atop it.


What exactly is it that Coddou wants? She claims the Ristretto workplace is hostile; That sounds serious. Given how serious that problem is, you'd think she'd suggest what steps Din Johnson needs to take to protect his employees and customers, right? Nope, not a word.

Or is the workplace stuff just a pretext, and her real goal to punish Rommelmann by bankrupting her husband? Kinda looks that way.


“One for every person who saw his penis that didn't want to.”

What if it’s a woman’s penis?


Yay! Something else for portlanders to protest!

" broke the story of in-fighting, anti-Semitism, and racial tension in the national Women’s March"- sweet baby Jesus, no story to "break" there. All you had to do was read the comments on their (women's March) Facebook page. If left to the commenters it would have been 50k people squabbling in the street about how triggering pussy hats were.


Fundamentalism does not allow for inquiry- I think Rommelmen said that on the last show I just watched. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate their honest, smart discussions. This horrible thing this ex-employee did, that is everything I can't stand about the modern take on feminism. These 'feminists' might want to read the Scarlet Letter or The Crucible again. Inquiry, dissent, discussion- if you disallow these because you do not like what you are hearing-what do you stand for? I am 60 years old, a feminist and a lesbian and I too am #meneither.


Herzog was ripped a new one for writing about a controversial subject, de-transitioning, and the views expressed in the article that were supposedly harmful to trans people. She had no problem defending herself in that case.
Unfortunately. her bias in this case shows she's a hypocrite, to say the least. Her friend sounds like a vindictive narcissist, and maybe that's why she's so triggered by the calling out of narcissism in the show. Regardless, this kind of gossipy friend drama makes for crappy journalism.
The upshot of all this is that the attention brought to the coffee shop and the show has garnered empathy from all the other people who are fed up with this juvenile mob mentality and brought them new business.

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