OMG--I LOVED Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara as Gerry and Cookie Fleck in Best in Show (2000)! Hooray that there IS hope on TV.


No. It’s good. And Catherine O’Hara is a treasure. But no. It’s not even close to as smart and original as The Good Place.


I'm a big fan and look forward to watching the new season. I appreciate the insight. That is an interesting approach (kind of the opposite of Norman Lear, who loved to wallow in controversy, and would have had plenty of fun showing Archie Bunker as a homophobe). In many ways, the show feels very Canadian. That is a stereotype, of course -- there are plenty of dicks in Canada -- but creating something really funny while showing things as they should be (not necessarily as they are) works really well.


I'd say Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place are both better, but this show is a solid 3rd. Really excellent.


Bojack Horseman is the best show on TV - and the best animated series ever.


And The Good Place is also better as well.


Catherine O'Hera is a national treasure. Great great show!


its naht that good. Just setting people up to disappoint them. They run over to Netflix, all aflame with New Sitcom! dreams. Then they find out it's an updated Green Acres. Not that i ever seen that show i just know its also naht that good.

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