Is social media the public square, or is it an open mic night?


Re: Holocaust denial in Germany. Banning speech is so counterproductive. If someone tells you who they are, believe them. Outlawing terrible opinions and enshrining that in law just gives people a blueprint for what they can't say in public.

The more egregious issue with censorship is word policing or banning content without regard to context. Like in the example of the youtube naked sex worker. I've never seen it but it sounds like it's an educational program that was using nudity to make a point, not trying to sneak porn on to youtube. And we all know if you can't find porn on youtube there is literally no where else to get it on the internet.

I'd wager a guess the reason a lot of these things get swept up by censorship is the tech companies use an algorithm to determine what can and can't be shown as opposed to paying a group of humans to review any/everything.


If it's owned by a company it’s not the 'public' anything. I appreciate that these are platforms where people share thoughts and ideas in a manner we traditionally associate with, say, a street corner or whatever, but it's not the same thing. Analogous in many ways, sure, but significantly, categorically different. They are allowed to set their own standards for speech and, uh, nudity? (which incidentally is also banned in most public squares).

Also lol at the lady suing twitter because she can't use their platform to promote her work. That shady ass website isn't exactly helping her case.


If you talk to conspiracy minded people, many might say it's possible Alex Jones is a (CIA or similar backed?) trojan horse phony. He's managed more to marginalize and further en-fringe some very valid questions about 9/11, Iraq war lies, and oligarch-led political initiatives than anyone else. In fact, he is the only conspiracy talking head mainstreamers can even name, ad by benefit of his puff cheeked, delegitimizing yelling, no one has to listen to him, or any topics that might even seem worthy of his bluster. TL;DR - normies should be more grateful to AJ than conspiracy minded folks, because he makes it easy to stay in the mainstream lane.


To blip


I hope you got to see Kara Swisher when she was here last week.


@1: That assumes an ultimate arbiter. Freedom is the individual evaluating each "think" on a case-by-case basis.


Hey raindrop, I think @1 is being facetious - riffing on 1984.

Please disregard if you are being facetious too, on some plane beyond my comprehension.


"Hey! What gives? This self-driving car I'm leasing from Wal-Mart always drives me to Wal-Mart when I'm trying to go to the grocery store! It literally won't let me shop anywhere else. I seem to remember in the old days you could drive a car anywhere you wanted to, but I guess cars just don't work that way any more."


@10: I had a sight suspicion in that regard, but I wasn't being facetious. But I'd be glad about that.


This really needs a proofreading pass; the little grammatical errors just kind of pile up in front of me until I can't make any more forward progress through the thing.


Wrongthink is an alt-right buzzword used when people face consequences for openly expressing their bigotry. The trick is making it seem like being banned from twitter is some orwellian punishment for their private, personal thoughts and not their actions.


Jesus. Another eye rolling list of fallacies and “just so” stories.

When will this Fox News audition end?


Doesn't Grandma own the IP of her recipe and can she not sue you for publicizing it without permission?


the purpose of a system is what it does - #YouPrude


@15: Instead of eye rolling, why don't you live up to your moniker and peddle teaching moments?


There is an option for Twitter and other similarly situation companies. They are based in the USA, but take traffic from all over. If the traffic is illegal in the USA, then act on it. If it's illegal wherever it originated, then act on it. If it violates your standards of decency, then remove it or suppress it (with notification of exactly what guideline was violated and how). Easy. Deplatforming should be the ultimate action and it should only be against something illegal where it was created or where Twitter (et al) lives.

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