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America's Top Gay. JUSTIN SULLIVAN

It has come to my attention that I wrote about the President too much yesterday: And you all are tired of it. Look, I'm tired of it, too, but he's our fucking Dear Leader. But, for today, I will honor your complaint, Max Solomon, and not mention the "President Rapist Sociopath."

Washington is finally starting to crack down on big tech: Regulators opened up a massive anti-trust review of Big Tech today, including Facebook, Google, and Amazon. The Justice Department’s Antitrust Division said it's looking at “whether and how market-leading online platforms have achieved market power and are engaging in practices that have reduced competition, stifled innovation, or otherwise harmed consumers.” Reached for comment, Jeff Bezos was too busy shooting loads into space.

Uh, yikes: Is that what a bunch of oxygen looks like? My old yoga teacher who was really into breathing would jizz over this.

The advisory was lifted around 3:45 pm: No need to fear the oxygen blob. Seattle Fire spokeswoman Kristin Tinsley told the Seattle Times that the shelter in place advisory was mostly intended to stop cars from driving through the area.

The Senate passed the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund: Overwhelmingly. The bill passed 97-2. Donald Trump is expected to sign it. The victory follows months of activism from first responders and comedian Jon Stewart.

Stranger critic Jasmyne Keimig and I are going to see the new Tarantino movie tonight: We'll tell you how it is on The Stranger's Blabbermouth Podcast tomorrow. It's almost three hours long, got a 7-minute standing ovation after its Cannes premiere, and I hear Margot Robbie doesn't talk much in it. Most notably, it won this year's Palm Dog Award at Cannes. That was the only award it won at that festival, but this passage from Deadline needs to be highlighted:

“I have to say I am so honored to have this,” Tarantino said in a barnstorming speech onstage as he accepted the golden collar bestowed on the winner. “I’ve told everybody, I have no idea if we’re going to win the Palme d’Or. I feel no entitlement. But I did feel that I was in good standing to win the Palm Dog. So I want to dedicate this to my wonderful actress Brandy. She has brought the Palm Dog home to America.”

God, I'm itching to say something about T—: No. I dare not speak his name.

OH GOD BUT WHAT ABOUT THAT TWEET: Currently weighing whether I should break my promise.

I guess country music ain't for homos: Actually it is but not in Nashville, apparently. Pete Buttigieg was "silenced" after Cumulus Media stopped an interview he did with country music host Blair Garner from airing. Cumulus claims it "spiked the interview because of federal rules that mandate that radio stations provide equal time to political candidates," reports CNN. If you want to listen to it, you can do so on Garner's personal Soundcloud.

Speaking of Booty Judge Judy, he's in Seattle tonight: Speaking at a sold-out Showbox event as a part of a series of fundraisers in the area. Tickets ranged from $25 to $500, reports the Seattle Times. There will be a private fundraiser at a Seattle home costing at least $1,000 a pop later this evening. Stranger staffers Rich Smith and Christopher Frizzelle are currently at the Showbox event.

Other Stranger staffer, Nathalie Graham, is having a bad day: She forgot her wallet then got locked out of her house. She has to pee.

You can make her feel better by reading: This piece she published today about how the company you pay for natural gas is paying to flip your City Council.

The FBI made ~100 arrests in domestic terrorism cases in the last nine months: Said FBI director Christopher Wray at a Senate judiciary committee meeting today. He told the committee that "a majority" of the cases involved white supremacy. The FBI later walked back that statement by saying he meant a majority of "racially motivated" cases involved white supremacy.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz wants to label all antifa action as "terrorism": Cruz and Senator Bill Cassidy introduced the resolution last week, asking "for the designation of the group as a domestic terrorist organization." In case you missed it: Antifa, essentially short for anti-fascist, is defined by the Anti-Defamation League as "a loose collection of groups, networks, and individuals who believe in active, aggressive opposition to far right-wing movements." TL;DR: Some wear hoods, some put up stickers, but reducing all antifa action to protestors beating up Andy Ngo is a misunderstanding.

Like I said in 2017 when we were yelling about punching Nazis: For antifa, "violence is a final tactic treated as self-defense, and it's something antifa organizations quibble over, too. Reducing the entire range of anti-fascist activity—which is overwhelmingly nonviolent—to the question of a punch is far more dangerous than a fistfight." Designating all anti-fascist activity "terrorism" is a misunderstanding of antifa or terrorism or both. It also sounds like something a fascist state would do. But, as Salon noted today, Cruz's resolution is "little more than a political stunt" and wouldn't change any laws.

Reminder: You have 9 days to submit your flag to our famous Seattle Flag Redesign Contest. There are prizes on the line! And fame! Here's a recent submission. I actually... love it.

Courtesy of Chet Clapper

Stranger print editor Christopher Frizzelle thinks that flag looks like: "A Jesus fish. Two of them. Pointing in opposite directions." Which has led the office down a clickhole about Jesus fishes. Have you seen that Wikipedia entry? Wild.

Microsoft is reporting its cloud services generated as much revenue as...: All its other businesses combined, reports GeekWire. That's a big deal.

Look, if I don't mention this then Nathalie will have to mention it in Slog AM: And there's going to be a lot to talk about with Mueller, so here goes my promise-breaking: The President is suing the House ways and means committee, as well as New York state officials, to block the disclosure of his state tax returns. THAT'S IT. I WON'T MENTION THAT GHOUL AGAIN UNTIL TOMORROW. (Sorry, Max.)

Looking for a peek into tomorrow's Mueller testimony?: You're not getting it!

UPDATE: Here's how you break into Nathalie's house.