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Lens Crafters

For Dirty Projectors, the Medium Is the Message


Sam Mickens Interrogates Alison Goldfrapp of Goldfrapp

Utopian Dream Boy

Final Fantasy vs. the World of Spectrum

Music Aug 21 4:00 AM


Sam Mickens Interrogates GZA

Music Jul 17 4:00 AM

A Milli

Lil Wayne's Million-Selling Tha Carter III in the Hour of Chaos

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Music Jul 17 4:00 AM

Album Review


Music Jun 19 4:00 AM

Sam Mickens Interrogates The RZA

About the Superpowered Dichotomies and Secret Origins of

Music Apr 10 4:00 AM

Interrogation: D. Yellow Swans

On the Occasion of the Prolific and Awesome Portland Noise Duo's Final Seattle Show

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Music Apr 3 4:00 AM

Kingly Stance

Bun B Keeps UGK's Legacy Alive

Music Mar 20 4:00 AM

Earth, Wind, and Boredom

On Boredoms, Frankenstein, and Life as We Know It

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Music Dec 27 4:00 AM

Wu World Order

The Clan, the Killah, and the Path to Global Domination

Pullout Aug 30 4:00 AM

Inside Man

Lupe Fiasco vs. the Rap Game

Music Aug 30 4:00 AM

The Pimp vs. the Snitch

Ronald Isley Couldn't Swagger His Way out of Federal Prison

Music Jun 7 4:00 AM

Smooth Criminal

R. Kelly, Avant-Garde Sociopath

Music May 10 4:00 AM

Welcome to the Terrordome

El-P Delivers a Hiphop Apocalypse