Jordan Michelman

Jordan Michelman (@suitcasewine) is a James Beard Award-winning journalist and author.

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Hannyatou Is a Marvel of Sake and Snacks

Chef Mutsuko Soma of Kamonegi Opened a Little Sister Pub

Off Alley Is Supremely Good. It Will Remind You What It Means to Love a City

At this little Columbia City restaurant, you'll find yourself saying "HOLY SHIT" to no one in particular.

Food & Drink Mar 3 11:45 AM

You Can Have a Piece of Cake

You'll have to wait in a long-ass line for it, but that's part of the joy.

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Food & Drink Nov 2 1:00 PM

Addo's Eric Rivera Actually Gives a Shit

"We’re your prep cooks. Throw that shit you got from us in the oven, who cares, it’s going to be good."

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Food & Drink Oct 26 9:00 AM

A Cappuccino for Now, a Bottle of Wine for Later

The Juice Club and Union Coffee collab is a bright spot during this terrible, terrible year.

Food & Drink Sep 29 8:55 AM

Winter Is Coming to Canon

"Unless we see a considerable increase in delivery sales by October 1, I'm going to have to shut down," says Canon's owner.

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Food & Drink Aug 12 11:40 AM

Watson's Counter Serves an Almost Impossible Combo

They also serve kimchi, Fruity Pebbles french toast, honey butter fried chicken, and frozen coffee in a tube.

Food & Drink Aug 5 12:15 PM

A Pantry Full of Chef Edouardo Jordan's Jams, Mixes, and Stocks

Grab the pimento cheese. It's the best I've ever had.

Features Nov 6 4:00 AM

Comfort in a Bowl

At a difficult time in my life, Infinite Soups in Tacoma made things better.