Amy Jenniges

Amy Jenniges moved to Seattle in 1998—escaping the oppressively cold winters, unbearably humid summers, and weird accents of her native Minnesota—to attend Seattle University. She had intended to move to elsewhere post-college, but landed at this rag instead (covering everything from neighborhood politics to offbeat city stories for the news section) and decided to stick around for a short while. It's been four years and counting.

Recent Articles

Waiting Periods

Legislatures Across the Country Have Approved Waiting Periods for Gun Purchases and Abortions; We'd Like to Propose These Queer-Specific Waiting Periods

Mooning the City

U-District Bar Owner Battles Unfair City Regs

News Oct 27 4:00 AM

Chain Gang

Seattle Weekly Acquired Again

News Oct 20 4:00 AM

Chain Gang

Seattle Weekly Sold Off Again

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News Oct 6 4:00 AM

Thou Shalt Not Publish

Lake Washington High School Newspaper Editor Criticizes Antioch Bible Church—School Yanks Story

Features Sep 29 4:00 AM

School Spirit

Last spring, the spotlight was on Ken Hutcherson’s Antioch Bible Church, and its relationship with Lake Washington High School, a public school having a hard time separating church and state. School’s back in session—has anything changed?

News Sep 29 4:00 AM

Dead Center

Faltering Retail Hub Alarms Neighborhood

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Pullout Sep 22 4:00 AM

The Library of Babel

Navigating Your Way Around the Infernal World Wide Web

News Sep 22 4:00 AM

Fowl Garbage

KFC Litter Trashes North Seattle

News Sep 8 4:00 AM

Forced Out

Tenants Take on Seattle's Developer-Friendly Condo Conversion Law

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News Sep 1 4:00 AM

Moon Blues

City Harasses Beloved—and Peaceful—University District Bar

News Aug 18 4:00 AM

Rocky Road

Fed Up Neighbors Demnad Street Repairs

News Aug 11 4:00 AM

Bound and Gagged

The S&M Shopping Spree Nordstrom Isn't Talking About

News Aug 4 4:00 AM

Crash Course

Riding with Seattle’s Undercover Bike Crew as They Mark Local Danger Zones

News Jul 28 4:00 AM

Access Denied

Comcast Talks Threaten Homegrown TV