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Earth II Is Four Decades of Disaster Movies Recut Into Climate Change Reality

"Time and time again, climate change is reduced to just a tsunami or just a twister or whatever."

Sex, Slugs, and the Supernatural

Local horror film Skagit leaves a trail of more questions than answers

Abby Govindan on How to Embarrass Your Immigrant Parents

People Still Think the Stand-Up Comedian Wrote Emily in Paris

Film/TV Jul 5 1:15 PM

Sam Now Documents a Stunning Family Mystery

Half-Brothers Spend Decades Trailing a Mother's Unexpected Departure

Comedy Jun 22 1:15 PM

Scott Seiss is Coming to the Pacific Northwest to Yell at You

Working-Class TikTok Comedian Was a Disgruntled Service Worker Once

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Film/TV Apr 11 10:50 AM

Keeping Alexei Navalny Alive Requires Keeping Him in Headlines, Says Navalny Director

The award-winning documentary opens the Seattle International Film Festival this week.

Film/TV Apr 8 2:00 PM

The Future Looks Bright for Washington Filmmakers

The Stranger chats with Seattle filmmaker Megan Griffiths about her new film, Washington state's surged-up film incentives, and Lynn Shelton.

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Film/TV Mar 30 2:00 PM

Memoria Is All About Cinematic Vibes

Seattle has a rare chance to catch these vibes this April.

Film/TV Mar 18 9:30 AM

New England Is Fucked Up

That's one of the lessons in Master.

Film/TV Mar 9 1:45 PM

Hulu Revisits Seattle's "Pussy Sweatshop"

Pam & Tommy's final episode focuses on former Seattle pornographer Seth Warshavsky.