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SIFF 2023 May 15 5:30 PM

We Watched and Reviewed 35 SIFF Films!

Here's What We Loved, What We Hated, and What Was as Interesting as an Air-Dried Carrot

Film/TV May 12 2:47 PM

SIFF Tells The Stranger More Details About Their Cinerama Surprise

Yes, the Chocolate Popcorn Is Coming Back; No, the Theater Won’t Be Open in Time for Oppenheimer

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SIFF 2023 May 12 10:43 AM

SIFF's Shining Star

Talking to Director Megan Griffiths About Year of the Fox, SIFF, and the State of Local Movie Production

Film/TV May 4 2:30 PM

Wild Life Questions Conservation and Capitalism

The New Documentary From the Directors of 'Free Solo' Paints Complicated Portraits of Former Patagonia and North Face Executives

Film/TV Apr 26 10:00 AM

SIFF Unveils Full 2023 Lineup

Here's Everything You Need to Know, From the Can't-Miss Movies to Where to Buy Tickets

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Film/TV Apr 20 12:05 PM

Painting of a Panic Attack

Ari Aster Releases History’s Most Unchill Film on 4/20

Film/TV Apr 7 3:57 PM

Oil Boom

Director Daniel Goldhaber Talks About How He Balanced Radical Truth with Fiction in How to Blow Up a Pipeline

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News Feb 28 9:54 AM

Two Women Accuse Documentary Filmmaker Andrew Callaghan of Rape, Sexual Assault

The Claims Follow Several Other Allegations of Sexual Misconduct and Assault

Film/TV Feb 14 2:12 PM

Somebody I Used to Know Is a Polyamory Bait Switch

Also Swapping, Oregon Plays Washington in This Charming Romantic Comedy

News Jan 13 10:51 AM

More Women Accuse YouTuber Andrew Callaghan of Sexual Misconduct and Assault

His Lawyer Won’t Let Us Publish Her Response on His Behalf

Dec 9 4:43 PM

Film Review: I Am DB Cooper Crashes To Earth

In This Dubious Documentary, a Man Claims to Be the Mysterious Plane Hijacker Who Parachuted to Unsolved Infamy in 1971

Film/TV Dec 7 3:45 PM

Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio Dances With Darkness

Brilliant Northwest-Made Animation, Masterful Narrative Reworking, but Could Have Gone Harder on the Fascism