Chase Hutchinson

Film/TV Mar 18 9:30 AM

New England Is Fucked Up

That's one of the lessons in Master.

Film/TV Mar 9 1:45 PM

Hulu Revisits Seattle's "Pussy Sweatshop"

Pam & Tommy's final episode focuses on former Seattle pornographer Seth Warshavsky.

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Film/TV Feb 18 10:50 AM

Rory Kennedy Makes The Case Against Boeing

A new Netflix documentary shows how Boeing's cost-cutting measures cost lives.

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Film/TV Jan 21 4:00 PM

Sundance Review: Well, We Loved This One

Add The Worst Person in the World to your watchlist. It's coming to SIFF next month.

Film/TV Jan 6 1:00 PM

The 355 Is a Bummer

The nicest thing I can say is it reminded me of a very funny scene in another movie.