Hannah Krieg

Hannah Krieg

Hannah Krieg is a staff writer at The Stranger covering everything that goes down at Seattle City Hall. Importantly, she is a Libra. She is also The Stranger's resident Gen Z writer, with an affinity for Tik Tok to match.
News Dec 29 2:22 PM

Best and Worst Moments for Moderates on Seattle City Council in 2022

These Council Members Swing Both Ways!

News Dec 28 4:03 PM

Best and Worst Moments for Progressives on Seattle City Council in 2022

Remember When the Progressives Tried to Save the Eviction Moratorium? Good Times.

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News Dec 15 10:23 AM

“It’s Just Another Day”

There Are No RV Safe Lots, but That Doesn’t Stop the City from Pushing the Same RV Residents around Again and Again

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Elections 2022 Dec 6 12:57 PM

Ranked-choice Voting Won in Seattle. Now What?

Just Gotta Design a New Ballot That Doesn’t Suck, Make It Idiot-Proof, Update the Tabulation System, Figure Out How to Report the Results, and Make Sure Everyone Knows What the Hell’s Going On

News Dec 1 1:26 PM

Council Votes to Take More Money from You but Not Amazon

Good Luck Picking Up the Working Class Vote Next Year, Everybody

News Nov 29 2:16 PM

New Maps, Same Seattle Politics

New Council Districts Probably Won’t Usher in Antifa Takeover in 2023