Hannah Krieg

Hannah Krieg

Hannah Krieg is a staff writer at The Stranger covering everything that goes down at Seattle City Hall. Importantly, she is a Libra. She is also The Stranger's resident Gen Z writer, with an affinity for Tik Tok to match.
Olympia Feb 29 11:37 AM

Why State Democrats Might Pass an Income Tax Ban

I-2111 Won’t Change the State Tax Structure, but It Could Change Who Gets Elected in 2024

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News Feb 20 3:38 PM

Mayor Bruce Harrell Promises to Deliver Bare Minimum at 2024 State of City Address

The “Basics” Sure Sound a Lot Like Austerity, Car Infrastructure, and Cops

News Feb 8 9:00 AM

No, the Minimum Wage for Gig Workers Is Not “Backfiring.” The Corporations Are Retaliating.

Billion-Dollar Corporations Blame Their Own Poor Business Decisions on Underpaid Gig Workers

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News Feb 6 11:00 AM

New Social Housing Initiative Would Tax Business to Fund Up to 2,500 Over 10 Years

A Corporate Takeover and Some Millionaire’s Pet Project Won’t Stop House Our Neighbors' Quest for Progressive Revenue

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News Jan 30 4:08 PM

Council President Sara Nelson Opposes Effort to Increase Voter Turnout

“Greater Turnout Doesn’t Necessarily Mean a Better-Informed Public,” She Said 

News Jan 23 5:14 PM

Total Corporate Takeover of Council Now Complete

Seattle's New Conservative Council Members Appoint Their Failed Running Mate, Tanya Woo, to Fill Vacancy

News Jan 22 5:43 PM

Seattle City Council Picks from Crowd of Simps to Fill Vacancy

Loud Suckling and Lapping Sounds Heard from Council Chambers 

News Jan 19 2:52 PM

Who Can Fill Mosqueda’s Big, Progressive Shoes on City Council?

Based on Last Night’s Community Forum, All Nominees Will Fit In with the Conservative Council Just Fine