Will Casey

Will Casey

Will Casey covers cops, courts, and the many ways the legal system treats people with power and money differently than poor people. Before joining The Stranger, Will worked as a consumer debt protection attorney trying to chip away at that injustice, to depressingly little effect. Between abandoning his law practice and taking up journalism, he spent the Trump years serving as a spokesperson for local progressive political campaigns and the Washington State Democratic Party.

Recent Articles

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State of the State 2023 Jan 10 4:45 PM

Washington's Next Police Reform Battle

Ending Qualified Immunity Won't Be Easy, but It's Necessary

State of the State 2023 Jan 10 4:43 PM

Washington Takes Aim at the Gun Industry

We’re Banning Assault Weapons! Requiring Gun Permits! And Unleashing Bob Ferguson! Maybe!

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Cops Jan 6 5:06 PM

After Months, SPD Finally Responds to Allegations of Serial Sexual Assault

What Does It Take to Get Them to Pick Up the Phone?

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News Dec 22 12:54 PM

Meet the Best Cops in Seattle

Seattle's Office of Labor Standards Has Recovered $7.5 Million for Workers This Year

News Dec 20 1:17 PM

State Legislature Could Finally Fix Nonsensical Sentencing Guidelines

Current System Is So Confusing Judges and Prisons Screw Up 10% of Sentences