Will Casey

Will Casey

Will Casey covers cops, courts, and the many ways the legal system treats people with power and money differently than poor people. Before joining The Stranger, Will worked as a consumer debt protection attorney trying to chip away at that injustice, to depressingly little effect. Between abandoning his law practice and taking up journalism, he spent the Trump years serving as a spokesperson for local progressive political campaigns and the Washington State Democratic Party.

Recent Articles

News Mon 11:20 AM

King County Leaders Announce $1.25 Billion Plan to Address Behavioral Health Crisis

They're Proposing a New Property Tax to Pay for It

Elections 2022 Sep 23 9:00 AM

Want to Have Dinner with an Insurrectionist?

The King County Republicans Can Hook You Up

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Elections 2022 Sep 22 4:11 PM

Defense Attorneys Say Harsh Sentencing Decision Reveals Judge's Bias

Judge Eisenberg's Alleged Use of a "Trial Tax" Draws Criticism Amid Reelection Campaign

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Cops Sep 20 4:14 PM

New SPD Chief, Same as the Old Chief

Mayor Harrell Picks Interim Chief Diaz after National “Search”

Cops Sep 16 10:57 AM

Who Will Be Seattle’s Next Top Cop?

Mayor to Choose Between a Reformer and Two SPD Veterans

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News Sep 8 10:27 AM

How Can We Fix the King County Jail Crisis?

Holding Fewer People In Jail for Nonviolent Offenses Is a Good Start

Elections 2022 Sep 2 1:37 PM

Seattle’s Presiding Judge Defends Slow but Steady Progress

Adam Eisenberg Promotes Domestic Violence Diversion Program in Reelection Bid

Elections 2022 Sep 1 12:32 PM

Pooja Vaddadi Wants to Heal Seattle’s Traumatic Court System

Judicial Candidate Aims to Stop the Court’s “Pattern of Abuse”