Alison Jean Smith

Alison Jean Smith is a former TeenTix Press Corps writer, a programming intern at Northwest Film Forum, and a contributor to REDEFINE, an online magazine where she interviews both emerging and established filmmakers. Ask her about that time she went on KOMO radio and defended sharks: “Well you think that sharks just go up and eat you on purpose, right? But they don’t.” (She was eight, to be fair.)

Film/TV Oct 30 4:00 PM

Creature Feature

Scarecrow Is Building the World's Largest Collection of Sasquatch Cinema

News Sep 5 11:49 AM

Seattle City Council Considers Resolution to Lid I-5

Advocates See Boots on the Ground in 10 Years If the Pressure Stays On

Film/TV Mar 3 3:33 PM

Pest Friends Forever

Lizzie Gottlieb's New Documentary Examines the Maddening, Endearing Friendship Between an Editor and Writer

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Film/TV Sep 22 9:30 AM

How to Tame a Wild Horse Without Breaking It

New Doc Chira Examines “Mutual Vulnerability” in Human, Animal Relationships