Adam Willems

Adam Willems is a Seattle-based reporter covering queer stuff, sports, and books for The Stranger.

Recent Articles

Into the Soil

How Author Noé Álvarez Uses Music and Memoir to Confront Death in His New Book Accordion Eulogies

Your Local Baseball Besties

Why You Should Give a Shit About the Mariners This Summer

Fandom of the Opera

See Drag Queen Anita Spritzer Perform in One of Seattle’s Gayest Non-Gay Institutions Thursday

Queer Issue 2024 Jun 6 1:05 PM

Can Seattle Drag Afford to Stay Weird?

Rising Costs, and Fewer Beginner-Friendly Venues, Are Sanitizing Seattle’s Drag Scene

Books May 3 11:49 AM

Time in Tent City

Tony Sparks's New Book Tent City, Seattle Offers Valuable Participatory Research of Life in a Sanctioned Homeless Encampment

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Queen of Our World

When Sasha taqwšəblu LaPointe Writes, the Revolution’s Coming

Sports Mar 28 11:00 AM

Icing Out Pride

As the NHL Caves to Homophobia, the Seattle Kraken Steps Up to Support the LGBTQ+ Community

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Books Nov 28 2:32 PM

Losing Record

Shaun Scott's New Book Uncovers the Forgotten Wins, Losses, and Stories of Resiliency in Seattle's Sports History

Drag Nov 7 4:33 PM

To the Moon

Some of Seattle’s Best Drag Queens Danced Among the Stars for the Space Needle’s First—and Probably Not Last!—Drag Show

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Books Oct 12 10:17 AM

Gears of War

Tom Fucoloro's New Book Explores the Good, the Bad, and the Sometimes Shocking History of Seattle's Bike Culture

Sports Oct 2 12:32 PM

Bring Back the Bullpen Boat!

And Other Moves the Mariners Should Make in the Offseason

Books Jun 13 11:32 AM

Maybe It's the Seattle Freeze, Maybe It's White Supremacy

In Her Book Seattle from the Margins, Dr. Megan Asaka Uses Public Records and Oral Histories to Uncover the History of the Workers Who Built Seattle

Books Feb 20 4:08 PM

Heat Waves

Climate Journalist Jake Bittle on Climate Migration, Climate Displacement and How the Pacific Northwest Isn’t Prepared for Either

Books Feb 13 12:35 PM

California Über Alles

Malcolm Harris on How Tech-Hub Palo Alto Is (and Isn't) Like Seattle and Why He Doesn't Mention the Grateful Dead in His New Book Palo Alto: A History of California, Capitalism, and the World

Books Dec 6 1:30 PM

Adam Smith: The Worst Influencer

A Scottish Thinker, American Politicians, and the Fuckery of Free Markets

Books Oct 17 4:00 PM

Accounting for an Apocalypse

Adrienne Buller’s The Value of a Whale Exposes the Dark Side of “Green Capitalism”