Ashley Nerbovig

Ashley Nerbovig

Ashley Nerbovig is a staff writer at The Stranger covering policing, incarceration and courts. She is like other girls.

Recent Articles

News Nov 16 9:00 AM

City Council Agrees to Pay Cops Double Time for Working Special Events

In Return, the City Can Now Tap Parking Enforcement to Direct Traffic Sometimes

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Bad Apples Nov 10 11:05 AM

Bad Apples

A Drunk Sergeant, a SWAT Cop’s DUI, and a Botched Domestic Violence Investigation

News Nov 7 11:31 AM

Protester Accuses Former KOMO Reporter Jonathan Choe of Assault

After the Protester Filed for an Order of Protection, Choe Posted Their Workplace Online

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News Nov 2 1:43 PM

King County Judge Used Harry Potter House Point System to Gamify Court Filings

The Bit Worked to Reduce Paper, but He Pulled the Plug for Fear of Unintended Consequences

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News Oct 30 2:06 PM

Delays Plague Workgroup Meant to Help Victims of Police Violence

A New Proposal Keeps the Ball Rolling, but Advocates Remain Skeptical 

News Oct 20 9:00 AM

Seattle Reboots Its Drug War with No Plan and No Money to Scale Up Diversion

An Overstretched Criminal Legal System Braces to Absorb Hundreds of New Cases

News Oct 12 9:41 AM

Seattle Considers Ways to Spread PTA Money Around More Fairly

The School Board Plans to Ask the District to Study Funding Streams and Curb Inequities