Ashley Nerbovig

Ashley Nerbovig

Ashley Nerbovig is a staff writer at The Stranger covering policing, incarceration and courts. She is like other girls.

News Apr 18 1:20 PM

Mayor's Plan to Activate Downtown Is Heavy on Short-Term Solutions

Well, We Gotta Do Something Before the MLB All Star Game Comes to Town!

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News Apr 13 9:00 AM

Abolitionists and Reformers Agree on Something!

The Consent Decree Sucks, and It's Time to End It

News Apr 5 4:07 PM

King County Commits Millions to Make Jail Slightly Less Crowded

Staff Says the New Contract Won’t Make a Significant Difference

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News Mar 30 9:00 AM

Democrats Kill Bill to Legalize Alcohol in Strip Clubs

Dancers Say the Bill Would Have Added Protections, Improved Safety

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News Mar 23 9:30 AM

Settling for SCORE?

Lawsuits Over the Regional Jail's Medical Care Raised Flags During Council Hearing

News Mar 20 11:45 AM

The Downtown Jail Is Overflowing

Activists Demand Closure as the County Moves to Shuffle Prisoners

News Mar 13 3:13 PM

Washington Senate Wants to Punish the Addiction Out of People

Health Expert Says the Policy Sets Up People for Failure