Vivian McCall

Vivian McCall

Vivian McCall is a staff writer for The Stranger covering queer culture and politics in Seattle and beyond. In her private life, she is a musician and Wii U apologist. If you’re reading this, you either love her or hate her.

News Apr 25 11:20 AM

Montana Wants to Make Life Hell for Trans People

A Slew of Bills Aim to Ban Care and Legalize Bigotry

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Visual Art Apr 14 5:05 PM

Cutie Fest Is More Punk Than It Sounds

Free Pro-artist Market Believes the Dream of the ’90s Is Alive in Seattle

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News Apr 7 9:00 AM

Anti-Trans Bills Are Everywhere

The GOP Wants to Criminalize Trans Health Care, Bathroom Access, and Participation in Youth Sports

Queer Mar 31 4:00 PM

Seattle’s T4T Clothing Swap Gives Free Clothes to the Trans Community

So Much Laundry Had to Be Done to Make This Event Possible