Vivian McCall

Vivian McCall

Vivian McCall is a staff writer for The Stranger covering queer culture and politics in Seattle and beyond. In her private life, she is a musician and Wii U apologist. If you’re reading this, you either love her or hate her.

Recent Articles

Enviro Apr 3 12:48 PM

Warmer Autumns and Winters Could Cause Bee Colony Collapse

Cold Storage Could Be(e) the Solution

Sincerely Joking

Chastity Belt Live, Laugh, and Love 10 Years On

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Olympia Mar 27 11:00 AM

New Law Requires More Inclusive School Curricula in Washington

Lessons to Include Contributions from LGBTQ People and People of Color

Politics Mar 25 2:15 PM

Polls Show Nearly a Quarter of Washingtonians Support Secession

But the Union Isn't Screwed. Probably. 

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Queer Mar 20 10:32 AM

Yes, JK Rowling, the Nazis Did Persecute Trans People

We Asked the Leading Expert on the Topic

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News Mar 12 3:04 PM

Trans Former Boeing Mechanic Sues Company for Harassment

She Hopes Her Lawsuit Changes Company Culture

News Mar 8 9:00 AM

Washington Legislature Passes Stealthing Bill

Victims Will Be Able to Sue Their Abusers for Up to $5,000 Per Offense

Queer Mar 6 9:00 AM

LGBTQ Advocates Are Ready to Fight the Parents’ Bill of Rights

Experts Still Don’t Know How It’ll Be Implemented

Comedy Feb 29 4:35 PM

Right-Wing Media Targets Capitol Hill Comedy/Bar

Club Owners Canceled Four Shows, Now They're Facing Constant Harassment