Oliver Treanor Miska

Oliver Treanor Miska is a queer Seattleite, educator, community organizer, and lobbyist for educational justice policy in Washington State. Throughout the development of this article, they benefited from the wisdom of many elders and experts. As a community organizer, Oliver has held leadership roles within Seattle Democratic Socialist of America and Washington Ethnic Studies Now, where they co-lead a statewide legislative coalition. Oliver is also a partner in the fight for equitable spending in our schools with a coalition convened by the Equity in Education Coalition. Informing their work as an education policy nerd, Oliver is in their sixth year of teaching in both public and independent schools in Seattle. To contact them, email: legislativecommittee@waethnicstudies.com 

Guest Rant Jun 25 9:00 AM

Seattle Parents Are Right to Yell About School Closures

But They’re Yelling the Wrong Things at the Wrong People