The Best Cafes for Late Night Studying


Why does anyone want to study in a cafe??

1 - it's loud, louder than your dorm room (at most times) or the common room of your dorm and the library

2 - It's expensive. You can't not buy things there unless you are an asshole. You can't bring your own coffee. You oftentimes can't even get a seat.

Here are the reasons to go to a cafe to 'study':

1) be seen (looking good, of course)
2) spend money (which you are complaining to your parents/the media that you don't have enough of)

I guess I should be fair, that is what college is about to most white urban progressive types.
Uh, hey Ana, none of the places you mentioned have "Late Night" hours. 10 - 11 pm are NOT Late Night hours. Unless you're your Grandmothers age. Are you? Or, are you a grandmother?
WTF nothing is open on Cap Hill past ELEVEN? I miss Bauhaus...