Your Guide to Seattle's Best Thrift and Vintage Stores


Most locals just call it The Ave.

What are you, new?
Don't forget St Vincent de Paul. There's one on First Avenue in Burien, one out in Kenmore ( for the UW Bothell crowd) and one on Aurora up by the city limits. Better pricing than Value Village.

And the Shoreline Goodwill on 15th is really quite nice.
"Beside the University Book Store, Buffalo Exchange..."

I think the UBS reference was supposed with the Crossroads Trading Co. mention in the same paragraph. Buffalo Exchange isn't next to UBS.

Left my favorite vintage paradise out -If you're in Greenwood or even Fremont, Ballard - a quick drive will take you to the well curated vintage and vinyl (records!) shop Beats and Bohos. A local favorite - welcoming and knowledgeable staff!