Where to See Live Music in Seattle If You're Under 21

A handy guide to all-ages venues.


Lol, Black Lodge is all ages the same way your friend's house was all ages when their parents were out of town.
It only happens one day a month, but A/NT Gallery (Art/Not Terminal) located due west of the Seattle Center International Fountain (and a little east of KEXP) hosts a free, 3 hour long opening gala on the first Saturday evening of the month. It's a free, all-ages event, featuring 3 hours of live music (I've played 37 of their openers over the last 8-9 years), buffet food, wine/beer for adults, soft drinks, and a slew of NW artists who'd love to show you their work. Every time I play there, I walk right by Vera Project, on my way to A/NT. I look in the window of Vera and wish I knew a way to connect with them to do a show. I've been doing all-ages shows since 1963. -- Anyway, the A/NT openers are free, and lots of fun. And easy to find. -- Randy Bowles