What No One Told Me About Urinary Tract Infections Before I Went to College

Pee after sex. Always.


There's no evidence that "finishing the whole prescription" prevents resistance, and some evidence that the opposite is true. For example, view the study cited by Scientific American here (https://www.scientificamerican.com/artic…)
@1: that SA cites only one article that could suggest completing a course of antibiotics contributes to antibiotic resistance and it wasn't the results of a randomized clinical trial. Numerous clinical trials are needed before the medical community can be unequivocal on that so in the meantime, finish all your antibiotics.

And always wipe front the back.
@2, not all people with vaginas are women. Some are trans men or gender fluid people who don't identify as female.

But the point is absolutely valid. I suffered from quite a few UTI's until I got this good advice. And it didn't come from the doctor who had to keep prescribing the antibiotics either. It came from a friend. It should have come from the doctor after the first one. Actually, it should have been included in high school sex ed, but that is another discussion entirely.
@5,There are sex organs and there is gender. There are men (gender) who have vaginas (sex organs). Those people are not women. To reduce a human being to the definition of their sex organs is dehumanizing. We are better than that, and giving other people the respect they deserve does no harm to anyone.
@2 can I direct you to other sites on this internet that are safe spaces for your sensitivity to phrases like "vagina-havers"?

I don't even mean you should live in a like-minded bubble, but this current path doesn't seem to be making you happy or wise or helpful. Maybe if you took one step at a time.
@9: Damn, Sausage! Everyone once in a while you come out with the
truly perfect comment. This is one of those times.
@9 +1... Bravo, GS!!!
@2 A vagina has a shorter urethra than a penis, creating higher susceptibility to a UTI. This is why the body part is being stressed so strongly. Also, get the the fuck over your transphobia.
Generally speaking, any medical advice- even loose, "I'm not a doctor, but I've been there" advice- that even softly promotes supplements makes me a bit uneasy. Cranberry juice is probably ineffective, but unlike cranberry supplements, it is at least regulated to contain the main ingredient. There is no regulation on supplements, meaning there is no guarantee or guideline for how much of a thing a supplement must contain. Save your money for a prescription.
This may be appropriate (from the amazing Crazy Ex-Girlfriend):


"My sweet love injection gave you a urinary tract infection."