When The Shit Hits The Fan folks who must have electric bikes to haul their lazy fat asses around will, mercifully, be among the first to go.


If you're using it to commute to work I can understand the desire to not show up like you just left the gym. I used to bike to work when I lived in minneapolis and it sucks getting there and feeling like you need to shower again.


So all of the green bikes blocking sidewalks and bike racks, or abandoned obstructing trails, will be extra heavy to heave out of the way.


The bikeshares are subsidized with sidewalk space at the expense of pedestrians. What benefit have we gotten in exchange for this public cost? Do they reduce congestion by any measurable amount? What percentage of residents have taken advantage of the convenience of an under-powered moped?

A real government would require Lime and Jump to share the data. Ours won’t.


Um, you have to pedal the electric Lime Bikes or the motor doesn't turn on. I just hope they get some better ebikes. Jump's eBikes are noticeably better than Lime's. They coast better when the motor isn't engaged, they have better brakes, and they just generally feel more durable and better conceived.


@6: While I don't use them that often, I've definitely used these bikes over the last few years and found them to be a useful option when I did. As I said above, I wish the Lime had better ebikes (e.g., a more powerful motor that provided more torque for climbing hills), but with luck they'll improve with time. That said, I'm glad we have these in Seattle.


God dammit. I preferred the normal pedal bikes. Elec bikes are more expensive anyway, $1 just to unlock. Capitalists.... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


How do they intend to charge them?

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