Also discussed on Episode 64: What's wrong with this Donald Trump statue? And was State Senator Reuven Carlyle wrong to raise concerns about light rail financing on last week's podcast? ASK

It’s one of the most common political insults on the left these days, usually uttered with dripping disdain: “NEOLIBERAL.” But what the fuck does the word actually mean? If you’ve been wondering, or if your secret shame is that you’ve been pretending not to wonder while regularly dropping “neoliberal” as a conversation-stopping bomb, you’re in luck! On this week’s show, at 9:42, an expert from the University of Washington, Dr. Nick Barr Clingan, is on to explain what a neoliberal actually is.

Then, at 18:40, we’ll hear from Washington State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon of West Seattle. He was listening to last week’s show and heard his colleague, Washington State Senator Reuven Carlyle of Ballard, express concern about the funding package for this region's proposed light rail expansion—an expansion of mass transit that, if we voters approve it this November, will bring light rail to Carlyle’s district, Fitzgibbon’s district, and many other places. Fitzgibbon supports the light rial funding package and has some strong disagreements with the things Carlyle said last week.

After that, at 31:55, the critics of The Stranger tell you what to do this weekend.

And!!! As a time-warping bonus! BEFORE all that, at 1:42, The Stranger’s Rich Smith explains what was so wrong with the naked Donald Trump statue that appeared not too long ago on Capitol Hill.

Plus, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo!