This Week on the Blabbermouth Podcast: WTF Is a "Neoliberal"?


So is neo-liberal a bad thing? or a good thing?
I couldn't keep track
It depends on your ideology. If you believe that multinational corporations will act in the best interest of regular people as long as they're unregulated by the state, then you'd probably like neoliberalism a whole bunch. Same goes if you believe that union power needs to be limited or eliminated, or if you think welfare programs should be extremely limited, if not entirely cut, or if you have no issue with domestically consumed goods being manufactured via wage slavery abroad. Contemporary Democrats and Republicans broadly share this ideology, with a few exceptions.

The interview was oddly framed, though. The professor gave a great explanation, which seemed to justify the "insult" usage in a left context, yet the framing seemed to suggest otherwise. Either way, the interview was quality and I hope more of that stuff shows up around here.

David Harvey, the author of A Brief History of Neoliberalism, has a solid interview on the topic here - Neoliberalism Is a Political Project.
Why the fuck didn't you just ask Charles?
good to have you on this coast Cutestory! legendary commentariat. and thank you for the link!
If in doubt, more often than not, good-nuf for government work, rule o' thumb; a prefix on an old stem makes for a nastier concept: alt-right, neoliberal, neocon, paleolibertarianism, anarcho-capitalist, antidisestablishmentarianism, ... "fusionism"
Neoliberalism is celebrating gender diversity initiatives at CIA black sites and hoping it'll be a step to fixing the real problem of getting the term "black sites" changed to something less problematic.
Thanks for the segment on the Light Rail. I'm wondering when it will start running 24 hours a day, or at least until 2:30 am. This seems like such a simple way to make getting home after a night out safer for everyone. Running just 1 train every hour all night could do a lot of good, and truly make the Light Rail a 100% car replacement solution for many people. If there are no plans for this, how would we go about proposing it, and to whom?
@2 - thanks for the link! Yes, the Powell memo really is the start to the destruction of unions, which leads to the reduction of the American middle class, funneling money to the 0.1%. Since neoliberals took over the Democratic Party, it's pushed the Republican Party off the cliff, and also means neither major party represents the vast majority of Americans, who are struggling financially.
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