Episode 87 talks about the confirmation of Betsy DeVos, the silencing of Elizabeth Warren, and a safe space for rational argument. Nate Gowdy


I'm down with the Communist Party. Housing should be a human right.

So Dan, if the deck is so stacked against the Democrats, does that mean no Democrat has ever won the White House?

Or maybe you mean its been a really long time since the Democrats won the Presidency, huh? I mean, if the only reason why we lost in 2016 is because of the Electoral College, that must mean the last time we won was before there was an Electoral College, right?

What about Obama? You know, that Democrat who was the POTUS until just a few weeks ago?

You know if its all the Electoral College's fault, how did he win twice? I mean, once would mean maybe it's a fluke, but twice?

And then there was that other Clinton person... did he have an Electoral College to beat, too?

Oh yeah, and that Green Party thing. I guess Obama couldnt have won if the Greens were around, since thats the only reason (besides the EC) that she lost. But they ran candidates against him twice, and he won anyway....

Wait.... do you think the real problem was that she ran a shitty campaign that completely ignored the rural Midwest?

Nah, couldn't be that! The problem is never us or anything WE did. OF COURSE its everyone else's fault, Dan!

Its ALWAYS everyone else's fault, isn't it, Dan?
I don't understand why gay people would be against a muslim ban. Muslims hate gays to the point that they feel killing them is justified.
Keep up the good fight, Senator Elizabeth Warren!
@1: Go back to your cave in Mom's basement and stay there.
Im so glad they shut down that pandering crone, Warren. You know you're really grasping at straws when you need to pull a 30 year old letter from a dead woman to accuse a colleague based on heresay, and she should have known better. As a politician who is supposed to be aware in the exercise of "diplomacy", she should have known better, but instead attempted to scold and gang up on her living senate colleague with and via a dead woman. This "I'm-a-woman-hear-me-roar-because-my-logic-is-best" attitude is exactly why Hillary didnt win as well as it reaks of early political pandering and faulty-strategic thinking for 2020. If it didnt work the first time, it is likely the same approach will surely fail the second - especially if Trump pulls off stabalizing the middle class and regaining some of the international credibility lost to publicly weeping politicians over the last 8 years - which, like it or not, is a clear sign of weakness to countries like Russia and China.
I've been a fan of Dan for many years, but God it's hard to listen to his batshit ideas about Russian conspiracies.
Well how bout this intersting fact that happened this week!!
- U.S. federal immigration agents arrested hundreds of undocumented immigrants in at least four states this week. The Atlanta federal immigration agents, which covers three states, arrested 200 people. There were 161 arrested in the Los Angeles area. Its noted that 151 of the 161 immigrants that were arrested in the Los Angeles all have have criminal records, and five of them had prior deportation orders.
Senator Fauxcahontus has you libs eating out of the palm of hers hands.

@Rock God
The Republicans pray every night that Warren will become the face of the Democratic Party......
So what, does Dan get paid for every 'fuck' he spews?
Doesn't he know any other profanity?
Perhaps we could start a list for him, just to mix it up a little...
This might be the first good picture Nate Gowdy ever took


Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.
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Based on these comments this podcast not worth hearing.

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