On the Blabbermouth Podcast: When to Protest Incendiary College Campus Speakers, and When to Ignore Them


TIL rioting = protesting.

You suggest returning to a time when a few media outlets controlled the flow of information. You say this is because of the Facebook killer, and claim that before the internet, no news outlet ever posted video of a murder. You're wrong. In fact, there have been live on-air suicides, including that of Budd Dwyer in 1987


and Christine Chubbuck in 1974


Now, now, I hear you. Those weren't intentional airings. Well, what about seeing that footage of the twin towers being struck over and over again in the years following 9-11? I saw thousands of humans being murdered on air over and over again almost every time I looked at a TV for years.

Too recent? You know that iconic photo of Lee Harvey Oswald getting shot? It hangs in every dorm room in America, and its a murder the news broadcast footage of.

You know, back when this country used hanging as the primary execution method, they used to make postcards of the victim and sell them as souvenirs to the throngs that would gather to watch state sponsored murder presented as a grotesque form of entertainment.

You've made this argument before. Remember the Blabbermouth episode where you claimed fake news didn't happen before the internet, and we should go back to the era when major newspapers and TV channels were 'Trusted Guardians' who never posted a fake news story? Even when they posted video unedited from the State Department of George W Bush complete with faux reporters who were actually State Department employees?

Seriously, Eli, what gives? You remind me of a crazy old man who gets all nostalgic for the days when a bottle of Coke cost 25 cents, completely ignoring the fact that the minimum wage at the time was $1.60.

And then I hear both you and Dan going on about Facebook's "responsibility". Facebook is a corporation. Mark Zuckerberg isn't responsible for whether a user posts offensive content. He has exactly one legal responsibility. His fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders. That's it. There is nothing in the US legal code that requires any corporate COO to act in the public interest. What, did you think he was running FB as a charity or a public service?

If you want FB to change its behavior, you would have to make it unprofitable to do otherwise.

Nostalgia used to be classified as a mental disorder.

That's because people never remember the past as it really was. We all remember the past as we wish it had been. Kinda like those SCA people that portray the Middle Ages as if it were a Tolkein novel, and omit the bits about serfdom, slavery, bubonic plague, an average lifespan of 30 and 90% illiteracy.

Seriously Eli. I like you. Stop pretending everything was all rosy and wonderful and problem free when the media giants ran the show. And all of you, please stop expecting corporations to have moral consciences. Its so fucking naive.
Dan, your opinions are always interesting, but do you really have to embellish your thoughts with lustful TMI about every handsome cute politician?

It's kind of Trumpish in a way.
But how can they call the nauseating wheezings that come out of Anne Coulter's mouth a "lecture?" Shouldn't there be academic standards for people who speak at major universities? Isn't it insulting to people who spend their lives doing actual important work with little or no recognition for UC Berkeley to pay this dumpster hag and her ilk to speak on their campus?
@4: All yes, but Ms. Coulter is still an established author and pundit and people are interested in what she has to say. After all, UC Berkeley has a taxpayer funded university and hence they need to accommodate speakers even for whom they have disagreements.
I noticed that too:
Dan holding his penis and showing it off.
@2- "You know that iconic photo of Lee Harvey Oswald getting shot? It hangs in every dorm room in America"

I have never seen anyone display that image outside a documentary. You might want to try the burning monk that Rage Against The Machine used as a cover photo, though maybe kids aren't listening to Rage anymore.
Found the discussion about Facebook superficial. The problem is endemic to Facebook and extends further than the two incidents mentioned here (US Marine Scandal, various sexual assaults posted live, torture of mentally disabled teen).

I'm middle aged, so forgive me if my knowledge of dorm room decor is a tad dated. Many thanks for the correction.

I don't really have any feedback about this week's podcast, but I love the choice of photo to accompany it. It looks like Spencer is carefully scanning the crowd as he speaks, alert for a fist appearing out of the throng to deck him.