A memorial to the victims of the Portland murders. Suzette Smith


Love the podcast. I agree with most of what all three of you said.

On Kathy Griffin, remember the time when Lt Dan Choi chained himself to the White House fence to protest DADT? Remember where Kathy Griffin was at teh time and what she was doing?

She's an attention whore. Much like our POTUS, she's impulse and manic, and will do anything to stay in front of a camera. Even when a real war hero is doing something advance the cause of LGBT civil rights (which she pretends to be all about), she's mugging for the camera. It's all about her.

Kathy Griffin needs to shut the fuck up and go away. And we the LGBT community needs to tell her that. Her 15 minutes are up.
The rhetoric is so amazing now, though.
So a whackjob Nihilist who is a Berniebro and who voted for Jill Stein and who is hung up on male circumcision, is opposed to the North Dakota Pipeline and the "Prison Industrial Complex" stabs 3 people in Portland, Oregon, killing two and somehow it is Trump's fault?

It truly is despicable the depths that the hacks here at The Stranger will sink to.
@4: Nobody is implying a direct causation. But logic dictates that the hostile anti-Muslim rhetoric by Donald Trump has elevated the propensity of unstable rabid lunatics to indulge in their slaughters with impunity and with a proxy executive blessing.
@5 Word

@4 You're boring. Don't you know any other songs?
More fake news from fake journalist Don Ward.

A video camera inside a patrol car captured Christian saying, "I just stabbed a bunch of (expletive) in their neck. ... I can die in prison a happy man," the affidavit said. He said one of the men on the train kept resisting him, despite his threats. "That's what liberalism gets you," Christian said.

You're full of shit, asshole.
I've stopped listening to this podcast because I don't think that the people were talking are well-informed enough to be worth listening to.
I must confess that I have been naive in regard to the white supremacist groups. It was only a few years ago I remember watching a Discovery Channel documentary on the KKK with it being described as a shadow of its former self.

As State describes, "this year’s string of brutal hate crimes is intrinsically connected to the rise of Trump."
My God, we can now even replace "intrinsically" with "DIRECTLY" as evidenced by this not so subtle dog whistle that 45 tweeted this morning:

"We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. If we don't get smart it will only get worse"
Don Ward's one comment has generated four (five if you count this) replies. He has been successful.

The people who felt defensive enough to reply to him have not.

Have you ever heard the theory of the green hair? If I said to you, "You have green hair" (provided that you do not), you would let the comment pass, politely pretending not to hear an obviously crazy statement. If you said anything at all, it would be, "No I don't.", in the calmest tones possible. Thats because you know you dont have green hair, and arent emotionally broken if some crazy bastard thinks you do.

If instead I say "Youre complete shit at your job", or, "Your kids are probably going to prison before they turn 18, because you raised them badly", you'll get very defensive- because you secretly suspect I'm right. If I push and theres no button there, there's no reaction. If I hit the button, you jump.

Don Ward has hit four people's buttons without even having to know anything about them personally.

Want Don Ward to go away? Stop feeding the pig.
@5 But the hacks here at The Stranger are implying direct causation. We are meant to believe that because the President has different political beliefs than you do, his words, like some political Loc-Nar, warped some perfectly rational human being living in Portland Oregon and transformed him into an Alt-Right murderer when - oops - the guy is some random, mentally-ill whackjob who supported Bernie Sanders, voted for Jill Stein, claims to be a Nihilist, opposes the Dakota Pipeline, the "Prison Industrial Complex" and is hung up on male circumcision.
These are issues and beliefs nowhere in the ball park of any Trump supporters nor are they representative of their beliefs.
I know The Stranger is just itching to find evidence of this massive movement of violent, neo-Nazi Trump supporters who are all the offspring of Hitler's Lebensborn movement as a way of explaining away the fact that you lot supported a terrible political candidate for the Democratic presidential nominee. But there isn't one.
And if you lot are so myopic that you think a bunch of LARPers and trolls who dress up as a Spartan warrior or that Based Stickman is representative of anything, then you are living in a fantasy.

@12 In other words you're a random troll who is too cowardly to use his real name.
@13: I'm afraid that until you shake off all those noun clusters, sophomoric comparisons, stereotypes, straw men, and other such colorful tangents and express your ideas concisely, you'll never be convincing - much less make sense.
What seemed to work with Herr Commentator Comltatus was to talk about him to each other, but not address him directly. That made him SOOO MAAAAD.
Poor Lil snowflake.
@14 In other words, you lost the debate, have no facts to back up your beliefs, and have no rational or coherent response.

In addition to a paucity of rhetorical skills, it seems Donald Ward has poor reading comprehension, as well.
Having grown up in Portland, I can tell you that Portland has always had these people, Obnoxious Red-Necks, Skinheads, and Bad Cops (and Bikers as well). The Skinheads used to live in the shithole ghetto apartment buildings around the Park Blocks that are now Hipster Condos, the Bad Cops used to toss dead opossums on black people's porches in North East, which used to be almost exclusively Black Ghetto, and the Obnoxious Red-Necks lived - and still live - in Southeast.

Here's the thing, racism has not actually changed much from the 40's and 50's, maybe even the days of slavery. But the Intertubes has made it much easier for these people to communicate their ideas, and Trum most definitely has "empowered" them to do so.

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