Ugh, this guy again. Justin Merriman

With Donald Trump now threatening North Korea with the “fire and fury” of a massive US nuclear strike, Dan Savage, Rich Smith, and Eli Sanders talk about whether—per good ol’ Rex Tillerson’s orders—we should all “sleep well at night.” Also discussed: whether any of us, or even Donald Trump himself, could make it into this country under a new immigrant screening test proposed by the Trump administration.

After that: a conversation with Leah Greenberg, co-founder of Indivisible, plus several calls from listeners about the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s decision to fund anti-choice candidates.

And finally, Chase Burns is back on the show to talk with Dan and Eli about a provocative question posed by a recent article in Salon: “Has queer culture lost its edge?”

Plus, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo.