Dan Savage, Eli Sanders, and Rich Smith celebrate yet another failure for the Obamacare repeal effort. (As much as anyone can celebrate one victory in this endless, awful fight.)

After that, a new reason to shout “Lock them up!” at the Trump administration and yet another example, in Puerto Rico, of Trump failing to show equal concern for people of color.

Then: Meet bigot Roy Moore, the terrifying Alabama Republican who just smashed the Republican establishment on his way to, he hopes, establishing a theocracy. Oh boy. Is this good or bad news for Democrats?

Speaking of ol’ Alabama, it was there that Trump kicked off his recent feud with the NFL, which led to yet another round of debating ye olde patriotism. Oh, and would be world be a better, less Trump-y place if tweets could be 280 characters instead of 140? We’re about to find out.

Plus, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo.