Blabbermouth Podcast: Let the Indictments Begin! Plus, the GOP's God-Awful Tax Plan, Facebook vs Congress, and More!


Excellent question, Stranger Staff: why AREN'T we, among everyone else, marching the streets in outrage protesting the Trumpzillan $700 billion gift to foreign investors, that if passed, would be funded by deep cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security?
Where is the fire and brimstone? Roast the RepubliKKKan pigs NOW!
Why aren't I protesting the tax cuts?

Because I'm burned out on politics and the nasty culture that surrounds it.

I'm burned out on one side(the right) who are objectively awful and the other side(the left) that not only doesn't encourage my activism(which is fine) but actively discourages my involvement in any way outside of just sending them money.

I'm burned out by the feeling of being crazy, of having to constantly walk on eggshells when I talk anywhere for risk of everyone freaking out if I slip up and call something stupid or lame, of constantly calling elected officials, marching about this or that, donating to this cause or that cause that never seems to actually really make anyone happy.

I was on the streets keeping people fed in NYC in 2011 on the day that things went crazy with Occupy Wall Street. I was at the 2004 RNC protests in NYC and almost got arrested when our march got kettled. I lost all of my friends, my religious faith, and risked life and limb working against neo Nazis in the deep south.

I'm tired. That's why I'm not out on the streets..again.

Rather than marching, screaming, and pouting, it's better to study the tax plan and come to your own conclusions. Forbes has a good article.
@GhostDog: You and I and a good majority of people have reason to be tired. We just can't stop the resistance, however. Otherwise the Evil Corporate Empire wins, and most likely the rest of the world would look the other way from Trumpzilla's insane level of global polarizing tactics.
@3 raindrop: I have studied the GOP tax plan to coddle the wealthy. Corporations and the fossil fuel industry are the big winners. The 99.9% of us (everyone else) are pretty much the big losers. What more is there to study? It's like having an obnoxious RepubliKKKan frat boy for a son who insists he'll "take good care of Dad's car", only to go on a drunken joyride with his beer buddies, careening off a cliff.