Episode 135 looks at a revealing Trump hair moment, considers the president's request for a grand military parade, and explores the standoff between Seattle and Facebook over political ads. Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

Our aspiring banana republic got a little more bananas this week, with President Trump suddenly redefining treason, calling for a big ol’ military parade in DC, and—accidentally—showing off his intriguing hair piece. (You gotta see the video, but if you just can’t, well, Dan Savage describes it in vivid detail.)

At the same time, this week brought some additional signs of a huge Democratic wave building across the country—with these latest signs coming from Missouri. How to ride—and encourage—that wave? Savage, Rich Smith, and Eli Sanders offer some more ideas.

After that, Chase Burns is back to talk with Eli about a Seattle tech story that went national this week. It centers on Facebook’s unwillingness to follow Seattle’s law, which, in a national first, is being used to force the tech company to hand over data on the political ads it publishes.

Finally, a new book Rich LOVES. It’s about a subject dear to Dan’s heart: why Democrats should learn to fight dirty.

Plus, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo!