Blabbermouth Podcast: Texas, Tears, and Trump-Voter Makeovers


It's about fucking TIME dumbed down Trump supporters woke up and finally wised up.
May the Democratic wave wash clean over corrupt RepubliKKKan mismanagement, and put a final nail in the GOP coffin once and for all.
I made fun of Rich's hyperventilating about the Podlodowski's alleged chicanery in the WA-08 primary, and I stand by that, but Dan and Eli's objections to his argument with respect to Moser aren't quite right either.

Dan could only come up with examples of cases truly horrible/unelectable candidates being nominated on the Republican side. It's not a coincidence; their voters are completely nuts in a way ours aren't. That may change some day, but until there's evidence it has, there's no good reason for the DCCC to waste limited resources and offend locals by getting involved in primaries.

Eli is right in theory that preventing an unelectable candidate (even if a lovely and non-insane person) from winning the nomination is a reasonable thing for the DCCC to do. The problem is the it's actually really hard to know who's electable before the fact, despite everyone's (from the DCCC to the "Bernie wouldda won" crowd's wild overconfidence). They're not as smart as they think they are. (See 2006--a bunch of people the DCCC tried to block in primaries for being bad candidates went on to win then.) The fact is candidate quality matters a lot less than people think, and is harder to measure than people think. The DCCC can actually, totally help in the general election--they really should focus on that.
I don't know why the otherwise reasonable Mr Sanders is so attracted to the One Good F***** (or should it be Five Good F*****s?) game.

The problem with the original series (of which I saw at various times perhaps half a dozen episodes) was encapsulated perfectly be the ending of each episode, when the team would huddle together over video of the New Improved Wainthropp and his now-Adoring Woman, blatantly celebrating that they would be Getting It On and making it equally obvious to the audience that there would be no SS shenanigans in any of their bedrooms that night. The one spectacular success of the fifth season of the US Queer as Folk was the plot line in which Emmett became established as Channel Five's Queer Guy and was wildly successful only for Brian to pop his bubble by pointing out that it was because he was such a non-threatening, ball-less eunuch (what these days would be called the One Good F*****), just the sort to be a huge hit with the Wainthropps.

What I dislike about the franchise is that it helps to propagate the idea that gays' sole purpose on this earth is To Serve The Wainthropps. See how they turn on us the first moment we contradict that assumption and step out of our place. Daisy gets sent back to the kitchen double-quick (recalling the early Downton Abbey).