Conor Lamb, a super-moderate Democrat, appears to have won a previously safe Republican House seat in Pennsylvania by just a few hundred votes. Dan Savage, Rich Smith, and Eli Sanders wade into this big political news and talk about whether Lamb—who’s not at all what you’d call “progressive”—is actually the kind of candidate Democrats need in order to win control of Congress.

After that, high school student Scout Smissen explains why she helped organize one of this week’s impressive student walkouts against gun violence, and then Dan, Rich, and Eli review how few policy changes have actually been enacted since the recent Florida high school shooting (and how long this problem has been going on without Congress passing serious, common sense gun safety laws).

Finally, at the urging of a Blabbermouth listener, Rich and Eli talk about the Netflix series Flint Town, and then Katie Herzog, turning toward a very different cultural phenomenon, talks about the plague of “emotional support animals.”

Plus, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo.