Episode 143 talks about the Orwellian viral video exposing Trump's beloved Sinclair Broadcasting Group, then cheers on the "blue wave" in Wisconsin and reconsiders Roseanne.

First, an election result from Wisconsin that you need to hear about: Rebecca Dallet, the candidate backed by Democrats around the country, just won a way-down-ballot race for state supreme court—by 11 points!

Republicans like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker are freaking out about the “blue wave” that’s coming to that state, which Trump narrowly won in 2016, and Dan Savage, Rich Smith, and Eli Sanders are here to talk about why that’s just great. (And what you can do to make the coming blue wave even greater.)

After that, Trump’s fact-free rage about migrant caravans. The president says he’s now sending the US military to guard the border with Mexico. How does one even respond to bluster this incoherent?

Then, Katie Herzog talks about Sinclair Broadcast Group (aka “Trump TV”) and the Orwellian video that’s been going around of Sinclair anchors at local TV stations across the United States all reading from the same “fake news” script. What to do? Boycott Sinclair? Encourage its reporters to quit en masse? Vote for people who will actually regulate Sinclair's use of the public airways? Katie, Dan, and Eli discuss.

Finally, the Roseanne re-boot, reconsidered. Last week, Katie, Dan, and Eli all had mostly positive things to say about the show. This week, we listen to a dramatic reading of comments from our Blabbermouth Podcast Facebook group arguing about whether or not people should watch Roseanne, given how “problematic” she is. Then Katie, Dan, and Eli talk about Roxane Gay’s great column on all this in The New York Times. They also answer the question: "Will you keep watching?"

Plus, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo!