Could the Results of California's Primary Be—Gasp—A Sign of Good Democratic Strategy?



Thank you cards? Heck no, I am DISAPPOINTED I didn't get to hear Dan and Rich tearing into each other over goddamn Ralph Nader. Maybe sort of Blabbermouth Extra for that (no doubt entertaining) brawl?

I really hope that Blabbermouth's sponsors are sending Rich an extra check for his additions to the products. I always find them entertaining, especially for Boll and Branch.


"Good Democratic Strategy" is an oxymoron. Look for more Clintonesque gaffes just around the corner. "I don't belong to any organized political party. I'm a Democrat." - Will Rogers


Dan's misrepresenting the CA Senate primary - my CADem delegate friends whom I met working on the Sanders campaign were all backing de León, who came in a distant second behind Feinstein. It doesn't change the narrative THAT much, but it is still significantly different than the candidate around whom the Left rallied coming in fifth, and the race is only a few percentage points apart if we compare Feinstein votes to the total of not-Feinstein Democratic and Left-wing third party votes, which may be a better indicator of how a Feinstein/de León race will play out. It's still most likely that Feinstein will retain her seat, but it's not certain.


Also, why does Dan think that a Republican Senate would be any more inclined to confirm a Clinton judge than an Obama judge? The Supreme Court argument is spurious until the Democrats control the Senate becasue the Republican caucus already showed itself willing to refuse to consider Supreme Court appointees.


Let's hope so. RepubliKKKans have well proven unfit to govern. But I've known that for decades.


@5: A clarification: I am referring to the headline Could the Results of California's Primary Be-Gasp!-a Sign of Good Democratic Strategy? as a hopeful sign.


Very sad election. California voters used to stand for independent thinking and choices; now they've just hallmarked of how far neo-liberalism has taken brainless, lockstep sheppledom at the polls. Their marching orders from the oligarchy.

Feinstein's own state party refused to endorse her and Pelosi had to lie, cheat and change the rules after-the-fact in order to hold on to her own party's support - otherwise they would have gone with Stephen Jaffe - a real democrat - corporate-free and supporting single payer.

Over 80 percent of Democratic Party voters support Medicare For All, but if they don't understand that they have to vote for legislators who aren't BOUGHT by insurance and pharma AND who truly support it - we won't be able to pass it. So how stupid can you get in "educated," "Liberal," "woke" California - where you have the highest premiums and you have the Rendon henchmen of these corporate felons blocking bills at the state level too.

On top of that - you have the similar landslide for Caifornia Secretary of State Alex Padilla who was sued by voters during the Democratic Primary for corruption - and has been sued twice by the ACLU for violation of voting rights - they already won the first lawsuit because the case against him is so overwhelmingly transparent. This naked emperor - also BOUGHT like Pelosi and Feinstein - by insurance and Big Pharma - was INSTALLED as REWARD by same after he betrayed California voters in 2012 on state single payer - and after he was elected by lying to them that he supported it. (Then he bailed at the last minute - like a sudden headache, Savage - it was mysteriously too much for the fellow along with other key Democratic senators similarly elected by lying about their support for the bill - and also found to be taking lots of their dirty money.) He should not only NOT be elected - and by a landslide, no less - he should be resigning with hoards of angry voters at his doorstep with pitchforks.That is what real democracy would look like. That is what "real democrats" would do.