Dan Savage, Eli Sanders, and Rich Smith talk about the mad, scary dash toward Election Day, which now includes pipe bombs being mailed to Democratic leaders on top of Trump’s already escalating lies about tax cuts and migrant caravans.

Would a simple, compelling election year slogan from Democrats help the party cut through the noise right about now? Why don't the Democrats have one? Is the absence of a slogan maybe a bit of accidental brilliance?

After all that, Dan tells Chase Burns about how Republicans in Illinois are weirdly playing the “disavow Dan Savage” card in the run-up to Nov. 6, and Chase tells Dan about a beautiful way to stick one’s head in the sand and drown out all this insanity: a nice, deep click-hole.

Chase just came back from one featuring Jane Fonda and he learned A LOT.

Finally, Rich talks to Eli and Jasmyne Keimig about Francis Fukuyama’s new book, “Identity.”

Plus, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo.