Democrats Took Back the House, So Why Are There So Many Mixed Feelings?



the guy with the shit in his nose looks like he needs a crying room....

beto = cult of personality


Jack booted Republican thugs can no longer (effectively) tell Corporate and Uncorporate Dems to fuck the fuck off. Excellent!

If we, the4 people want infrastructure repair, medicare for all, fully-funded preschool-thru-Masters education, an end to gerrymandering and voter suppression, and the current "dollars='free speech,'" then right now is the time to hold the House's Power to Subpeona, etc etc over Trumpfy's vindictive ass, and, if he won't help, tie his saggy orange ass up litigating in Congress for the next two years -- in other words, take a page from the far right and use their undemocratic expertise to if not get what we (a majority of Citizens) want, NOT allow them to continue their path of Planet desecration.


Trump had a legislative agenda?

Oh, maybe you mean Infrastructure Week. Alas what might have been.


And now he's fired little Jefferey Sessions...
Head's up, Mueller -- if Trumpfy can shut you down BEFORE Dems take over the House of Reps, three weeks into January, el Prezzo thinks he may get away scot-free.

Shit might could get Interesting.


The Senate, Florida, Georgia, and Ted Cruz. "They Voted" should've been the sticker. ("They" as in those who watch Fox News.)


We got two progressive, Plann d Parenthood endorsed State Supreme Justices here in Michigan too. It was a good night for us, and I'm very proud after years of sadness and disappointment. It's a great starting place.


Maybe people wouldn't be discussing mixed feelings if more voters cared enough to vote. Don't get me wrong, the turnout was better than most mid-terms but a big percentage of voters can't be bothered, their one chance to influence government is apparently a lower priority than the right to complain about the government.

Voting should be a requirement for citizenship in my opinion. Whether people agree on politics or not, the country isn't on auto pilot, it can't steer itself, make course corrections. It needs a little help from the voters every couple of years.


@2 & @4 kristofarian: I KNEW I liked you! Sessions is gone, too? Sweet music to my ears. Trump / Pence = Prison 2020
@6 tabletop_joe: That is good news! Thanks for sharing.
@7 RickFromTExas: I agree and like your thinking.


Well, the Senate, ready to pack the courts with more reactionaries. That's why feelings are mixed.


Because we know that this election will result two more years with no meaningful legislation and more hyperbole from both sides. The county is still equally divided.


The country has always been divided, since it's inception. It will never be unified. Not sure why we think it will.


"They’re sending almost 100 women to Congress, including the first two Muslim women, the first two Native American women, and the first black woman ever to represent Massachusetts. This influx of Dems will effectively grind Trump's legislative agenda to a halt."

The diversity is good but identity does not necessarily = effectiveness or actual, versus rhetorical, progress. Let's knock off the tendency toward insufferable self-congratulation and get to work. There's an awful lot of very difficult stuff needing immediate attention, and a lot of it's not going to be fun and games. The mid-terms are a bare start. And the Democratic Party, including its unnecessarily inward overfocus on identity politics, is almost as great an obstruction as the Republican Party.

The Democratic Party has to get weaned of Wall Street, other special interests and its myopic coastal social smugness. We can't win on the big stuff, like economic justice, climate reversal and adaptation and a tricky foreign policy context - without walking the walk on "the big tent," and that means transcending social differences and working - hard - to bring back rurals, blue collars and traditionalists, AND combatting the oligarchy. (Most of our problems are caused by, or at least greatly aggravated by, the stranglehold of the wealthy. MLK saw that, realizing in his later years there could really be no racial justice without economic justice.)

There's a lot more common ground than we let ourselves believe in our anger, frustration, tunnel vision and self-righteousness. Healthcare showed that in these mid-terms, and not just in the congressional races but on the state level, too, bigtime. In nominally conservative areas, too.
And we easily get divided by provocateurs and saboteurs. Transcend our differences where we can, work together respectfully where we can't, find common ground. We have a common enemy, and conservative regular folk are starting to get that they've been jobbed by the fatcats. Build on that. And now liberal and progressive folk need to work on the basics, the heavy lifting, and not be too easily satisfied by this moment's exhilarating but very incomplete victories. It's a long slog, and a dirty knife fight. For survival. For freedom. For fairness.