Episode 178 talks about Nancy Pelosi taking on President Trump in the Oval Office, the dirt on William Barr, and The Favourite. Mark Wilson / Getty Images



All very good reasons to move north to Whatcom County. Ge a Canadian work permit and start your daily cross border commute now, because after year you'll be eligible for Permanent Residency. Yes, yes, BC has very high housing prices compared to wages. However, the USD trades very high compared to the CAD right now, so if you have something saved, you might find it easier to buy a house up there than you think.

And you'll appreciate that little cabin in a year when the Senate confirms Jeff Sessions to the Supreme Court, and the Senate passes legislation to allow the POTUS to enact the Handmaid's Tale in real life.

Canada- it may be cold, but at least they aren't insane.


I love that Nancy Pelosi used the word "tinkle". Mother Vel-DuRay used to say that. I hadn't thought of it in years.


I believe the genre into which the Coen brothers are inserting The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is closer to the western dime novel, rather than folk tale or tall tale where the characters are fantastical. In the dime novel, characters' actions are merely embellished.


It is a sad fucking state of affairs if this little pissing contest is considered a "major win" by Pelosi. We are full on Game of Thrones over here bickering and celebrating some dottering old Baby Boomers stupid show of whatever the fuck, while the WHITE WALKERS (aka Climate Change) is barreling down on us from all directions. We are so fucked.


No, Ms H, not everyone likes lesbians, though you are no doubt smugly counting on restrictions only on gays, which for the LVBTQ+ is a feature and not a bug.

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