Is There Anything Kevin Hart Could Do That Would Make You Accept Him as an Oscars Host?



This one’s easy: Nope.




Kevin hart is in a bed of his own making. Had he just apologized when the academy first asked instead of insisting he had done so years ago (though no evidence of those apologies exist), it wouldn't have escalated to this point.

He doesn't need to be a vocal ally for gay people but he never would have been put in the awkward position of having to say that out loud if he hadn't fucked up in the first place. Now he looks like an even bigger ass for thinking ellen's blessing was enough to dig him out, and he needs to worry about a lot more than his Oscars gig.




I DGAF about Kevin Hart, and is there really no one else on the planet that will host this increasingly irrelevant event?

Related: Back when I did a fair amount of corporate event planning, I’d reserve the caterers and entertainment six months to a year in advance, because that’s how far out the top quality people are booked.

Are the Oscar producers incompetent? That seems to be all the rage these days.


I want him hosting at this point, because the backlash I'm seeing is massive. It's probably mostly straight people doing the complaining, but we'll get almost all the blame.


I hope he does because I don't give a fuck about this issue.




Fallacy 1: Assuming everyone cares about the dumb Oscars.

Fallacy 2: Assuming everyone agrees on the level of talent of Mr. Hart before the dumb controversy.

Fallacy 3: Assuming his comments even warranted a dumb controversy in the first place.

Conclusion: Premise of question rejected.


He needs to suck the penis of a gay non-binary person. And submit. Then everyone will be happy and allow him back.


11: Hahahahahahahahahaha! Thank you for this! You're not from around here, are you?! You have a wonderfully crass sense of humor and not many people who are from the Seattle area have that. Bravo! YOU should get an award of some kind.


@10. The gay community is a huuuuuuge portion of the ever-falling Oscar audience, and then of course Hollywood itself is always the most PC of all PCers.

If I were his PR expert, and yes I'm available for hire, I'd tell him to shut up and move on. Let the wound heal, you're just picking the scabs at this point.


If he spent 30 minutes with a dingo I'd forgive him.


Forget about the Oscars, there's nothing Kevin Hart could do that would make me accept him as a comedian. He's a little too close to minstrelsy for my comfort, and it's not as though the whole LGBTQ+ is the only problem he's had of late. Black Twitter has been up in his business about his indulging in some colorism “humor” — read: anti-dark skinned black women, particularly at a time when he was a dark-skinned man still married to one — on Twitter from about a year before as well. Boyfriend should really go the Ashton Kutcher route and let his publicist control his Twitter account, to say nothing of putting a mute switch on Hart's mouth.

I get that humor is subjective, but I find Kevin Hart to be quantitatively even less funny than some people find Patton Oswalt to be.

While I don't think he's sufficiently “rehabilitated” (who died and made Ellen Queen of the Queers, anyway?), it could certainly be a teachable moment — not that Hart will take it — or even perceive it — as such.


If he could land an apology just once maybe


Kevin shouldn't have to apologize for his opinions & jokes he told over 10 years ago. Maybe y'all need to get a sense of humor. Political Correctness is just another form of Censorship & liberal Fascism #IStandWithKevinHart.


Just gotta say- this show NEEDS more Katie Herzog. She is the most intelligent, rational voice on the show. Instead of regurgitating twitter comment thread garbage, she presents nuanced, highly thought out opinions. I like that she is on regularly now-keep that up!!! :) :) :)


This one is easy: yep. The fact that the Professional Internet Rage Machine hates him makes me love him.


Fiji Water Girl for Oscar Host