Episode 182 talks about the viral stare-down at the Lincoln Memorial, as well as whether Kamala Harris is a "cop" and whether the Oscars snubbed the wrong people. Getty Images



You're a treasure, Eli. Thanks for having the guts to call for measured responses, separating feelings from facts, and searching for answers about the nature of internet outrage.


You embedded last week's episode in the webpage.

This week's episode can be downloaded from here:


Catholic school children should not be attending political rallies. Catholic school children are showing their and their school’s true political bent by wearing hats which support a racist sexist homophobic transphobic bigot who locks up children. The Catholic Church proves once again it needs to be marginalised. It collaborates with fascists.


Correction @3; Catholic school children should not be attending political rallies their Catholic Schools organised for them to attend.
Esp a rally about Women’s Rights, which is none of their fucking business.


Calling Kamala Harris a "cop" is lazy.


@LavaGirl - Catholic schools and their students can enjoy the same constitutional privileges that you or any other group can. Freedom of expression and assembly in the public square is for everyone, even if you consider them adversaries.


Can we stop having Katie Herzog on this all the fucking time? I get that you guys all think shes some normal, "good" person, but she has a history of trust on people that many find abhorrent. I wouldnt trust someone who follows trump or jordan peterson to tell me any opinion, despite whoever that person is, they have shown compromised judgement. If you cant get dan sometimes, please dont just get Katie.


I typically love Rich, but listening to his critique Eli's obviously sincere desire to find the truth in the MAGA kid/Native elder saga was BRUTAL. The lengths to which people are willing to go these days, just to keep their "wokeness", is truly frightening.


@7: Oh, so you just want to live in a bubble and never be challenged in your thinking or risk anything that will hurt your delicate political sensibilities.

Then why do you read anything at all?


The Devil totally needs more advocates especially in 2019, thanks Katie!


@6 & @9: Have LavaGirl and I struck a sensitive nerve? Maybe you should lay off the Cocoa Puffs if you're so worried about becoming flaccid, sugarlips.


@4 Wait, have you just assumed their gender?!



Thank you for saying it.


@3 Catholic schools should not exist. Filling kids’ heads with ancient superstitions from a hate-filled book of lies is even worse than the physical abuse inflicted by the priests. It will just keep creating future generations of racists and misogynists as long as morons send their children to be brainwashed and give them cash.


@14 ... and 'critical thinking' will be forever banished from these True Believers.

Plus, they're gonna Vote.


My first Blabbermouth podcast, it was thoughtful and lively. I just wish the sound quality was better. Eli seems to be the only one who knows how to use a mic. It was often hard to understand Katie and Rich as they often seemed not to be speaking into the mic or to be mumbling. Maybe they all need headsets? Something...


"Rich thinks it is OK to have a negative opinion and hate on a group of people without watching the video available. His is fixated on the single image and continues to hate a white kid who is wearing a fucking hat." --Mel O.

While making it difficult for Katie to put in her two cents worth. Disappointing.


@14 you are a typical in-bred bigoted racist. It is the left that is destroying America and filling it with racism and hate.

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