Why Howard Schultz Is the New Ross Perot



I'm going to guess Schultz has slightly more self awareness and not quite as stupid as Perot, and thus won't make it any where near the general.

Also, when Perot pulled republicans off of Bush, they (being republicans), were weird cult-like freaks that encouraged Perot to stay/get back in the race. I don't see anybody form a cult of personality around Schultz, unless he pulls them away from Trump.


No one seems like to like Schultz. What Democrat votes will he be peeling off exactly? His talking points are all fiscal conservative stuff. Ironically, he will probably peel off "centrist" Republicans.


All 3rd party candidates can suck it. If you don't have the wherewithal to make it through the primaries, you don't have what it takes. Imagine if my rec league showed up at the Super Bowl demanding to play too.


1: To gain a "cult of personality", you have to HAVE a personality.


@4, not really, no. Billions of dollars, or a famous relative, will do it.


If Shultz thinks people are angry about what he did with the Sonics, wait til he sees how much angrier they'll be if he messes up the dems chances of defeating Trump. Pitchforks and torches...


Schultz and tRump are in cahoots. It's a political dirty trick designed to siphon votes away from tRump's Democratic opponent!


WHY IS KATIE HERZOG ON EVERY EPISODE!?! I get that you dont see her as an anti-trans POS, but some of us do, and I really dont need her voice in my podcast talking about other things she has no ability to talk about. Im ok when Rich does the same because to my knowledge, he hasnt unrepentantly enabled a ton of harm on trans people.

You have a WHOLE STAFF, please use a less compromised person.


Last I checked....it is still a free country. Schultz can run as anything he wants, for anything he wants and we can vote for whoever we want. I believe he should run for King County dog catcher.

@8....Honey I disagree completely. Dump Rich and let Katie host. She is the closest thing the Stranger has to a journalist and he should learn to code.


you see him speak for 10 sec and you're immediately struck by how IN CAPABLE the guy is.