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Allow me to say a word in defense of mere casuistry. The Smollett case illustrates the limits of identity politics and absolutism. Rich hews to the mantra, "Never question the victim", although I suspect what he really means is "Never question the victim if they suggest the perpetrator is a white straight cisgendered male".

Duke Lacrosse. Jazmine Barnes. Jussie Smollett.

I supported Bernie in 2016, and ultimately voted for Jill Stein. To this day, I am informed by my peers that the only reason why I did this is because of some pathological hatred of women. This is odd to me, as Jill Stein is, I presume, a woman. I will admit to having opposed Sarah Palin's Vice Presidency eight years prior, which is something thaw as not used as grounds for an accusation of sexism, however.

George Takei. The Satanic Panic of the 1980's. The Scottsboro Boys.

During the Jim Crow Era, hundreds of Black men were accused of raping white women and summarily executed by angry mobs. Lynching was incredibly common for about a hundred years, and the only thing required to forfeit a man's life was the mere accusation of rape or sexual assault- even just a whistle transmitted by male lips in the direction of a female ear.

Jackie Coakley of UVA. Brian Banks. Danmell Ndonye.

The Covington Catholic kids are assholes. I say this because of their support for Trump and his agenda. However, the Black Hebrew Israelites are an actual hate group according to the SPLC. They weren't mentioned in the initial Instagram friendly video clips, though. Its a fucked up day when you force me to sympathize with fucking MAGA hats of all people. Reminds me of how I felt when I heard about Ruby Ridge, and Waco. I didn't want to feel empathy for Randy Weaver, whose political beliefs are and were disgusting and abhorrent. Yet what choice did I have when I heard the ATF shot an eleven year old child and a pregnant mother? As for Koresh, sure he was nuts and his followers, too. But did that justify mass murder? Of course, even saying this invites you to compare me to Alex Jones. However, the Stranger's own editorial staff expressed the exact same sympathies as I at the time.

January 30, 2016 at the University at Albany. Extra extra, read all about it.



I agree that Ruby Ridge and Waco were not shining moments in human history. But any person of color who claims to be a victim of a racialized assault should be taken seriously, because 99.9+ percent of the time they are telling the truth. One person (or two, or ten) abusing the trust and goodwill thus extended to them does not change this fact in the slightest. Listening to and presumptively believing people of color is the right choice to make.


@ That's too universal a statement. Anytime you begin a rule with "always" or "any person", you're being ridiculous. You have to take everything on a case by case basis.

I refuse to presumptively believe anyone, regardless of skin tone


Sanders will never be against UN Agenda 2030 which is the Luciferian-communist effort to transform all of global society into a communitarian society. Pretty much everything individuals are against today can be blamed on UN Agenda 2030. The two financial arms of the UN are the IMF and the World Bank, both of which align politically with the private, corporate central banking system which is 162 central banks worldwide. Guess who owns these banks and how much power they have? Far more power than any single government.


@4 You do realize, don't you, that the tinfoil on your head accentuates the signals from the mind-control satellites, and not the reverse?


@Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In -- Does your perception of reality mean that the Bank for International Settlements in Basal, Switzerland, does not exist, despite that it was created in 1930? That would reverse the tables a bit, since I am basing my posts on documented historical facts. What would you be basing yours on? Emotion ignited by large amounts of propaganda?

In fact, you can currently download the detailed documents for both UN Agenda 21 and also the local UN Agenda 21 planning guide, directly from the UN's web site. Nevermind that on the ICLEI web site it lists hundreds of city halls across the US that are already aligned with UN Agenda 2030's sustainability guidelines, which are communist in origin.


Race Baiting at its finest. I’m Loving how You chastised a person for writing “Always” and “Any Person” as being ridiculous.. but we’re supposed to give merit to your Ability to write after making a statement of generalizing “Straight White” males. As usual the Journalism Profession has been proven to be a dead end job, full of people who want to push the “White Privilege” Narrative. Thank You!! You should work for CNN.


@4 You are a lunatic. Sorry, but it's true.


remember wayyyyy back when bernie won every single county in the state during the caucuses, yet the wa delegation voted for clinton at the convention?

zero faith in this bullshit system. zero.


My question is way more straight forward: Do you find it the slightest bit disingenuous to run in the Democratic Party primaries when you, in fact, currently serve in the Senate as an Independent?

I believe that the ridiculous publicity-centric primaries have greatly diluted the quality of our presidential candidates. Look at all the candidates we had before 1972 -- largely experienced governors, former VPs, etc. -- and what we're dealt with since. It's sad, really.


I voted for Bernie in the primary last time. That was before I knew his chief strategist Tad Devine was besties with Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign manager. That was before Sanders "missed" the vote on sanctioning Russia. That was before he neglected to release his tax returns. That was before he was such a jerk to Clinton with his lingering in the race and halfhearted support. He needs to sit down and shut up and be thankful he's still a Senator.


10: The nominating process HAD to change after what happened in 1968-when the party leadership, arrogantly ignoring the fact that the vast majority of primary voters supported the peace candidates, Robert Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy, took cynical advantage of RFK's assassination to force through the nomination of the totally-unpopular and unrepresentative Hubert Humphrey on an all-out "keep bombing the shit out of Vietnam" platform. This result-even though Humphrey moved to a less-prowar position a month before the election-caused the narrow victory of Richard Nixon, a man who could not have been elected if the Democrats had repudiated the war at the convention.

Had the Dems stayed with the pre-1968 way of doing things, their electoral performance would have either been the same as it was after 1968 or possibly worse. If the party had imposed ANOTHER prowar candidate in 1972, like Scoop Jackson, it might have fallen into third-place, behind a progressive peace party.

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