Release the Full Report, Mr. Barr.



75% of republicans want the full report released. The vote to release the report was unanimous (other than the three abstains) in the House.

But that corrupt heap of dog shit Mitch Mcconnell has blocked the vote from even coming up in the senate. Twice.

The republicans are so corrupt it's not even a question anymore. And they run the show and they will for at least four more years. Your country is screwed.


The report will be released.
But only after Democrats have been teased and taunted and have gone on endlessly about all the evil stuff there will be in it; then when it is released and there is more vindication for Our President they will have another thick gooey layer of egg on their faces (Gawd how many will this make?)
You kids just can't help yourselves, can you....


If the report exonerated Trump, Barr would just have released the full thing that first day.


I could never afford Obamacare, and I recall that Mr Ophian couldn't, either.