Episode 197 talks about the new Trump tax exposé, ponders the Impossible Burger's role in fighting climate change, and then gets way into the Met Gala and its tricky theme, "camp." Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Dan Savage, Eli Sanders, and Rich Smith look into new revelations about Trump’s massive business losses and then ponder Mitch McConnell’s claim that it’s “case closed” on the Russia investigation. As Trump’s efforts to obstruct Congressional investigations continue, they also consider whether Nancy Pelosi is being too cautious on impeachment.

And then they talk strategy: Should the Democrats vying to unseat Trump focus on winning white working class voters or on growing turnout among non-white voters?

After that, Katie Herzog on the alarming new UN climate report and whether the Impossible Burger might just save humanity.

Finally, Jasmyne Keimig and Chase Burns explain why the online world seemed to stop for Monday's Met Gala, what the gala’s “camp” theme was all about, and who wore “camp” best.

Plus, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo.