Some Karmic Justice Amid the Latest Trump Tantrum



Am I the only gay man who feels uncomfortable with a prominent gay country singer choosing to wear a mask? I mean, why not just wear a closet? I get that out gay men are not the norm in country music and have a lot of prejudice to overcome from that culture, but choosing an image that is essentially about hiding your identity seems to support the idea that we can't be ourselves and need to hide.


I found the panel on the whole anti-Mr B, which at least aligns with their mostly being in the highly leftist camp that calls him Not Gay Enough, even though Mr Savage disagrees with that particular tactic.


It's ridiculous for Trump to keep shouting "They Found NO COLLUSION!" when A) Mueller was never LOOKING for "collusion" and B) There's no such crime as "collusion". Can he please give THAT one a rest?