Mueller Time? Or Revolution Time?



This is The Stranger we're talking about. It's been revolution time 100% of the time since 1991 except for a few hours around Obama's nomination when he was OK.


@2 They don't get that even Fox News polls show 75 percent of their fellow citizens think Impeachment of the Russian-in-Thief is a good idea.

Show up in DC in the millions and shut the city down.


You guys do the Revolution, we will hang back here and report it.


How are you people going to do a "revolution" when the vast majority of you are terrified of ever touching a gun?What is it exactly that you think your corps of woke urban hipsters going to do?I mean, other than die very quickly of gunshot wounds and starvation. You are not afraid of revolution because you are calendar oriented. You are afraid because you are weak and pathetic. But by all means, PLEASE try it.


May the severe bloodshed of corrupt RepubliKKKans, starting with every member of the Trump / Pence cabinet start happening NOW. Notice how Trumpty Dumpty will do ANYTHING to shut Mueller up. It's either Mueller time or revolution time!
@2 & @4 Ken MAGA moron, @5 jackass, and @6 Airhead: Take off those ridiculous MAGA caps before your heads cave in.


Man, if you think Americans are ready for a real revolution, you are smoking way too much of something.

As much as Too Online chicken littles will whine, project, and pretend, life in America is really fucking good. People are working, eating, and spending. Regular elections are still happening. Revolutions don't happen because half the country is terminally mad about losing one election.

On top of that, about half the people who would ostensibly spearhead this revolution are too fat to run a mile, too frightened of other people to order a pizza over the phone, and terrified of any sort of weapon or the thought of violence.


Do I detect that libs finally beginning to see the virtues of the 2nd amendment?


Let us hope that the Strangers’s militant vanguard of effete hipsters and elderly boomer cat ladies don’t run out of boxed wine and antidepressants. We’re talking about REVOLUTION here!


@7 yo auntie nutjob. I'll make you a deal. Ill take off my imaginary maga hat (i dont own one) if you start taking your prescribed dose of antipsychotic medication.


I LOVE it when spineless Lefties and bloated Righties talk about "revolution". Give me a fucking break! First you'd have to get off your asses (not going to happen) and then you have to ask some basic questions. Some of which include, which Fleets of the USN do you have control of, how many legions of the US Army do you control, how to you take NORAD and that's just the warm up.

Revolution? Jesus, more like cry on your avocado toast and cry because a big mean person didn't ask you about your pronouns or bitch because a gay couple asked for a wedding cake.


@10, Erica will come back and keep their needs of red wine covered. wink wink


There are other types of revolutions besides violent ones. Many far more effective ones. Some are already underway. I remain hopeful and engaged.


@11 Curly and @12 Moe: Is it a little slow down at juvee?
@14 Lastlight: Thank you.


@10 and @13: Oh, wait--I get it. You're both living at home and the biggest excitement in your life is Speed Racer and Cocoa Puffs. But cheer up! In another four years, maybe your mom will let you use the car.


@16 typical child, when you don't have an argument resort to insults based on lies. And remember, that's how you know you lost.


Dan Savage, Rich Smith, Eli Sanders...



@2 Nonsense. Half the country doesn't vote at all. Of the half that does vote, less than half of them voted for Trump. So that puts you down to a quarter of the adult population, at the highest. But even among them, many voted for him out of hatred for Hilary and lack of another option. Trump's base loves him, but it is very small loud minority. The GOP in general has a small base. The problem is that the country is deeply undemocratic in the way it's set up- the senate, the electoral college, gerrymandering, voter suppression, corporate funding, the SCOTUS, etc. We should abolish all those things. Which yes, would be revolutionary.

I'm really hoping that this entire Russiagate Mueller obsession -this next thing is going to bring him down, faith in institutions, "adult in the room" bullshit - is going to be eye-opening for liberals. They've wasted enough time as it is. Zoom out and see the bigger picture. There is no going back to normal. That will never happen. You will never feel that way again. Everyone else has known this for a long time. The FBI, the moderate Republicans, Pelosi and the Clintons, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, etc are not your friends. They will never intervene on your behalf. They will never tell you the truth.


@17: Oh--that's right. You're actually FIVE years from getting to use your mom's car, aren't you, and, like a truly blindsided Trumpist you're pissed because all you have are insults based on his lies. Seriously--take off that ridiculous MAGA cap before your head caves in and you're chronically diabetic before you're 20. Here's a tip, Junior Mints: high fructose corn syrup is a silent killer.